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20 Reddit’s Beautiful Short Stories Of Adopted Pets That Heal Your Soul

Statistics have shown that millions of cats and dogs are surrendered to shelters, or abandoned by their owners every year. Among them, it is estimated by ASPCA that about 860,000 cats and 670,000 dogs will be put down because their shelters can’t find them forever homes. Sadly, many people don’t seem to really concern about these alarming numbers.

Animal activists have said that the money spent on pedigree cats and designer dogs can help shelters to save hundreds of thousands of animals every year. Therefore,  they support adopting a pet instead of purchasing a new one because whenever you adopt an animal, you save its life.

Thankfully, there are still people who care about the lives of these naive unfortunate souls at shelters and decide to help them. Some adopt pets from foster homes, while others work as rescuers to save the cats/dogs they meet. They are all kind-hearted people.

You can see their work and read their stories on Reddit, an online channel where people are free to share their thoughts, experiences, and perspectives about every aspect of life. The following are twenty short stories about pet adoption that we’ve compiled to show you today. Hopefully, they will brighten your day.


Source: raphaelx66

“She arrived at our house in the wheel well of a car that made a 30-minute cross-state journey. We tempted her out with a hot dog. Help us find a name for her!”


Source: xTheLeprechaun

“We found her crawling out of the brush on the side of a highway. Bonus points for names relating to that fortuitous moment or her colors. Name ideas please!”


Source: Rood_Dood

“Picking up these cute brothers this weekend. Any name ideas?”


Source: makingmemesatwork

“I’ve wanted a dog since I was 7. Finally got this little guy. Welcome home Mowgli!”


Source: Cheesecakesx

“New kitten had fleas at the previous home and was not happy for his first bath.”


Source: jakeycakey1

“A weekend with no plans turned into coming home with Maui. Welcome home, my boy!”


Source: kkat02

“Me: I’m going to the shelter to get a cat.

My bf: just don’t get a black cat. And this is the cat I pick:”


Source: Hoshef

“Brand new little girl and we need help coming up with a name! Any suggestions?”


Source: sanjinpuga

“My brother brought this lady home today, she will be my new. Partner I guess, any name suggestions?”


Source: SadPetDad21

“Went to adopt a kitten. The woman running the rescue said she just got a black cat and was sad because she said nobody would adopt him because he’s 13 yrs old and ‘plain’ so I said.. I’ll take him too! A week later when the kitten was ready, I took him and his brother was crying. So I got all 3 😁”


Source: FormalConclusion1347

“So I adopted this cat a week ago. Found a perfect moment to click the picture finally.”


Source: Diamondhighlife

“Got this beautiful girl from the shelter today!”


Source: SirDempsey93

“My very first Kitten. I haven’t had a cat since I was a small child. I’m so in love.”


Source: Rocky_Whore

“Rescued two little kittens. One has a heart on her forehead!”


Source: ElleNova77

“Name for my new kitten?”


Source: Mayyy_22

“My new kitten just lays on me all day 🥺”


Source: SkankHunt421b

“My wife and I can’t agree on a good name for this new kitten. Hopefully, you guys can help us name him. We are hoping for a non-human-like name.”


Source: Themastercommander10

“My soon-to-be little boy! Help me pick a name!”


Source: deermandarkwoods

“Rescued this little guy from the streets of Guam. I need some name suggestions!”


Source: Lurd67

“I’m officially a cat daddy! 😺”

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