7 Ways Stars Have Turned Awkward Situations Into Impeccable Results

Being in public glare always makes celebrities easy targets for criticism. Of course, this kind of bad publicity isn't always fatal in every case. Several famous people have found ways to benefit from negative press. Famous people have been able to turn negative attention into positive outcomes by altering the story's focus or taking responsibility for their actions.
Remember that not all bad news about celebrities is spread because they lack self-control. It's common knowledge that the paparazzi purposefully capture controversial pictures of celebrities. Celebrities' reactions to intrusive paparazzi images are sometimes dramatic. Sometimes, well-known people have their bad behavior brought to light because they were mentioned out of context. The potential for PR disasters is practically limitless.

1. Hilary Duff

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Duff captioned a less-than-flattering paparazzi swimsuit shot, "My body gave me the greatest gift of my life: Luca, five years ago. I turn 30 in September, and I'm in good health and able to travel where I need to be whenever I need to get there. Women, let's take pride in who we are and quit wishing away the hours wishing we were someone else, someone better, or someone without flaws.

2. Sia

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After hearing that someone was trying to sell nude images of her, Sia resorted to social media to share a scandalous photo of herself with the message, "Someone is allegedly trying to sell naked photos of me to my followers." You may save money since I'm providing it for you for nothing. It's Christmas every day!"

3. Jennifer Lawrence

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Lawrence did not have a lot of name recognition in 2013. Following the success of The Hunger Games and The Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence seemed destined for the spotlight. Nevertheless, what sort of celebrity would she be?
Her Oscars mishap clearly clarified the situation. The general public is just like Lawrence. She would be remembered as the star who slipped and fell at the Oscars and several after-party parties. She would be the famous person who discussed food openly in interviews. She'd be the famous person to open up about her fascination with the genre.

4. Amber Rose

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After achieving success, some people try to cover up their less-than-stellar pasts. Unlike them, Amber Rose has never been quiet about her time working in the stripping industry. Rose has never been bashful about her less conventional job choices, even though she is now a model, writer, TV personality, and app inventor. Her history is an integral part of her current identity.

5. Winona Ryder

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Ryder didn't try to hide the fact that she was arrested, which ruined her reputation for nearly a decade. Ryder wore a "Free Winona" t-shirt when she appeared on the cover of W Magazine in 2002. Ryder's unapologetic approach to embracing her previous faults has made scandal part of the actress's appeal, even though it wasn't until Stranger Things that her career fully bounced back.

6. Amy Schumer

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Like many other comedians, Amy Schumer has been the punchline to every joke about her. Schumer has already made the joke about her appearance, weight, love life, or anything else, and it's great. Unfortunately, not everyone has read the memo. A YouTube movie reviewer named "Spent the night with @amyschumer" captioned a photo of themselves with Schumer. Surely you're not the first dude to come up with the #CriticsChoiceAwards idea.

7. Taylor Swift

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Every star faces criticism. Taylor Swift handles criticism better than most celebrities. Swift has turned her harshest criticism into her brand and reclaimed the narrative. Swift has been portrayed as a fickle man-eater due to her love life and songs about it. Swift wrote "Blank Space" about it. The singer mocked her dating life to avoid media oversight.
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