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7 Interesting Celebrity Side-Hustles That Brought ‘Em Tons of Money

It seems like everyone these days has at least one other job. It is regarded virtually essential in today’s society to have several revenue streams and various work titles, whether operating a YouTube channel, having an Etsy business or merely driving for a food delivery service on the weekends. This holds regardless of the type of endeavor.

However, one group of people doesn’t need to be doing a side hustle to sustain themselves, and that group is celebrities; however, many celebrities continue to take side jobs regardless. These side jobs, which range from the conventional to the unusual, are what some of your favorite celebs are keeping busy with on their days off.

1. Madonna

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As well as being one of music’s biggest symbols, Madonna is famously hard-working, especially compared to other megastars. So, while she isn’t performing live or writing new songs, she’s probably busy helping those in need. Madonna has written and published several books for kids throughout her extensive career.

2. Scarlett Johansson

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Being one of Hollywood’s highest-paid performers has allowed Scarlett Johansson the financial security to pursue her passion projects. As a result of a 2016 fad for American sweets in France, the country’s chefs and pastry chefs started using popcorn in their dishes. Johansson opened the upscale popcorn business Yummy Pop in Paris in 2016 to capitalize on the craze.

3. Carmen Electra

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By teaming up with the dancing business PEEKABOO to distribute stripper poles, Electra could add a new, relevant string to her bow. The poles were quickly exposed as being of poor quality and potentially hazardous to dancers. Because of this, Electra’s side company came to an abrupt halt, and she hasn’t started any new ones since.

4. Rupert Grint

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Unlikely as it may seem, Grint’s first major investment was in an ice cream truck with working freezers, an ice cream machine, and enough ice lolly stock to last the summer. Grint wanted to be an ice cream vendor but learned you required a special license. Instead, he now spends his summers driving about and giving out free ice cream and lollipops.

However, as honorable as Grint’s forays into the world of frozen delicacies may be, it’s clear that this isn’t a particularly lucrative side business, which may explain why he’s also decided to become a landlord. Grint has amassed a property portfolio worth over £12 million over the years, which he now leases out under the foreboding moniker Eevil Plan Properties.

5. Keanu Reeves

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Keanu Reeves spends a lot of time with motorbikes when he’s not studying to learn new kinds of martial arts or working out at the gym. He enjoys riding them and has put in the effort to learn how to maintain and even upgrade them so that they can keep up with his fast pace. Arch Motorcycle, which Reeves co-owns, specializes in selling motorcycles with individualized upgrades and modifications.

6. Jeremy Renner

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Renner has sold 20 residences thanks to the advice he gave to would-be renovators. Renner recommends avoiding current colors that will seem old in a short time and putting more effort into making each home’s entertainment room versatile enough to host a wide range of gatherings. If you’ve ever wondered how the Avengers would decorate their headquarters, the answer is simple: they use neutral colors and a discussion pit.

7. Akon

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There are a variety of avenues one may go when trying to launch a new enterprise or take up a new pastime on the side. You have three options: maximize profits by pursuing the most lucrative opportunities, carve out a specialized market that will continue to grow in demand, or prioritize ethics and environmental friendliness. Akon’s choice to put money into diamond mining was predicated entirely on how long he expected the diamond trade to last.