7 Celebrities Who Were Arrested For… Peeing In Public

At least once in their lifetimes, most people will urinate in public. Attribute it to inebriation or maybe even a deep bond with our outdoors-peeing Neanderthal forebears. Long automobile rides necessitate many stops for full-bladdered five-year-olds to relieve themselves in the woods along the highway.

Unfortunately, it is against norms of public decency and the law to whip out one’s peen or vageen in open view. If you feel the urge to answer nature’s call on a sidewalk or a schoolyard, you should know that it is quite simple to get a public urination penalty and face the possibility of arrest. Many celebrities have been detained for urinating in public, proving once again that they are just like the rest of us.

1. Andy Dick

Source: Getty Images

Because he is the Messiah of hot messes, comedian Andy Dick was destined to get caught urinating in public at some time. The ex-TV celebrity was arrested for urinating outside of a Buffalo Wild Wings while under the influence of alcohol in 2008.

2. Robert Durst

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Robert Durst, a billionaire arrested in 2015 for urinating in public, had been suspected of murder three times before and was probably just practicing. In 2015, Durst’s lawyer explained his client’s urine stain on a CVS candy rack as a “medical mistake.”

3. Kesha

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Technically, Kesha wasn’t “busted,” but she very nearly was. In 2012, she shared this shot with the caption, “pee pee on the street.” When you locate me, PoPo, please come and fetch me. To blame traffik.” Which is very bizarre.

4. Justin Bieber

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When leaving a restaurant, Justin Bieber once urinated in the mop bucket and reportedly screamed “F*ck Bill Clinton” (?) before leaving. Which, all right, is amusing in its own way.

5. Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa stopped by the whiz palace… on a regular side street in Pittsburgh in late 2015. His public urinating led directly to his arrest and a citation being issued. Despite this, it’s unlikely that he changed his mind. Currently, he is probably relieving himself in a public place.

6. Prince William

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Even though Prince William wasn’t detained for urinating on a friend’s property during a polo match, we couldn’t help but make fun of him for it.

7. Ozzy Osbourne

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Ozzy Osbourne can’t be content with simple public urination. The Alamo is a national treasure, but Ozzy Osbourne must defecate on it in front of the public. Furthermore, you will be permanently expelled from San Antonio for ten years.