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Cat Owners Squirm To Tell The Vet Their Funny Pet Names, Vets Are Just Confused

A woman who goes by BrittanyMeanslt on Twitter shared an amusing story of how her husband confused the vet with his cat’s name Jeff when making an appointment. Her post started the most interesting thread on Twitter, and people couldn’t stop sharing their own stories. The overwhelming replies under the thread proved that many pet parents had experienced something similar and they named their pets after themselves. They share that it’s how they express their love for their pets.

Here are some hilarious stories of people confusing the vet with their funny pet names. Scroll down to see! These short stories made us smile from ear to ear, so we hope they’ll do the same for you.

#1 Jeff

Source: @BrittanyMeanslt

#2 My name is Jeff

Source: @BrittanyMeanslt

#3 Human Dave

Source: @Geoff_Casavant

#4 Mommy?

Source: @DizzyLilDreamer

#5 Stephanie

Source: @schwarissa

#6 Kitty

Source: @sproudfoot

#7 Tammy

Source: @britneyqueers_

#8 Justus I, II, III

Source: @melosine4

#9 Thomas Houdini Pickles

Source: @ARevelsStocks

#10 EI Jeff

Source: @guerrillagoth

#11 Boobs

Source: @harriekd

#12 Brian

Source: @charlooottee_

#13 Cute cat and really tabby cat

Source: @M4rt89

#14 Pinkie

Source: @satiasanguine

#15 Raskolnikov

Source: @Hoovera

#16 MR. GARY

Source: @illy_ilz

#17 Tia

Source: @pamz_space

If you have a new pet, you’ve made this important decision: choosing a name for your pet. We are sure that some of you might be thinking, “No big deal. It’s just a name.” However, the cat naming task can be challenging. Anyone wants to give them a name that suits those nutty personalities. The name you give your pet plays a role in whether she or he will respond to it or not. If you want to give him or her a name, let’s try to name them after you.