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“We Were Best Friends Weren’t We?”: People Are Sharing The Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Ever Said, And Now I’m Sleeping With One Eye Open

We believe in science. It brings us the logical explanation for occurrences happening around us every day. Science is the enlightenment of civilization. However, it’s the one almighty tool to give us the answer to every question. Even today, there is a considerable amount of matters for which we’ve not yet found a logical explanation. For example, we can not tell for sure why people can sometimes foresee the future. Or in other cases, some people claim that they have traveled in time.

And oddly enough, those supernatural activities seem to happen more to kids. Some say that kids have innocent hearts and pure souls so that they are more likely to experience things of the supernatural realm. Twitter user LillahSturges recently shared the story when her daughter (was 4-5 y/o then) said chilly things about her past life. It didn’t take long, people came vibing in and shared their similar experiences. Check out some of the creepiest things kids have ever said down below.

#1 People can remember their past life? Wait, it does EXIST?

Source: LilahSturges

#2 This child can possibly see his momma’s dream

Source: willc

#3 *shocks*

Source: KowMark

#4 Reincarnation?

Source: Dane17Great

#5 This child is able to see dead people

Source: beaglephd

#6 This is…scary

Source: reneestewart_13

#7 Kids know many things we don’t

Source: MeliaPomene

#8 This child reveals he must have been living in the UK

Source: la_belle_laide

#9 This child can foresee the future?

Source: TeresaMarieR

#10 God, it’s time to move out

Source: Murbrum

#11 Wait…what?

Source: clairhooker

#12 This child was the first one to know her mom was pregnant

Source: BreeanaFlannery

#13 This child who knew the name of the twin that his mother miscarried

Source: Kelenawigginout

#14 This child having his very first existential crisis

Source: jpc0621

#15 This child who recounted their past life in vivid detail

Source: Erica_Squires

#16 This child who might have been a passenger on the Titanic in a past life

Source: TheEnbyWitch1

#17 This child who inexplicably could carry an entire conversation in French

Source: ShellieK4

#18 This child who apparently stepped through a wall into a whole new life

Source: TaylorSchroeter

#19 This child who saw bloody people in his sister’s mirror

Source: lexieelleart

#20 This child who gave her mom a creepy prediction

Source: ErinaceousErin

#21 This child who told his family that he died in a fire

Source: blanketboat

#22 This child whose friendships truly came full circle

Source: Reilly2020

#23 This child who appears to vividly remember their own birth

Source: BreadConquerer

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