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10 Newest Villains In Doctor Strange: The Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange is one of the most successful movies of Marvel so far. The story goes around Mr. Strange, whose life changed after a car accident. Thanks to his fate, he can derive knowledge and power from The Ancient One and then fight against notorious supervillains, such as Strange Supreme and Kaecilius. Following the success of part 1, with a high expectation from the audience, Dr. Strange 2 will be released in the imminent time, promisingly bringing people a sense of satisfaction.

An essential factor in part 2 is the villains who will create hindrances and challenges for Dr. Strange and his comrades. Even though the trailers didn’t give the audience any specific information nor a clear answer to the question: “Who will be the main villains to Dr.Strange”, we still want to give you several options for that. Below are the ten villains that possibly appear in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse Of Madness.

1. Shuma Gorath

Source: Marvel Studio

Shuma Gorath is an ancient element of chaos who rules across infinite universes and is one of Strange’s most terrifying adversaries. The creature is identified as the more obscure Gargantos, a nemesis of Namor the Sub-Mariner, according to the available products. America Chavez appears to be the target of the creature in Doctor Strange 2. It will undoubtedly pose a serious threat.

2. Doctor Strange Supreme

Source: Marvel Studio

The dark form of Stephen, unofficially identified as Doctor Strange Supreme, makes one of the most intriguing appearances in the movie’s first trailer. In a universe where Christine Palmer was killed in the accident that cost him his hands, this version of Stephen becomes so consumed with the thought of bringing her back that he breaches the universe’s rules in the process.

3. Wanda Maximoff

null Source: Marvel Studio

Wanda was formerly considered to be on Stephen’s side in the film, but it was recently discovered that she may have a different role. Wanda may take a more sinister path, as evidenced by a heated verbal exchange between her and Stephen in the most recent clip.

4. Marvel Zombies

Source: Marvel Studio

Wanda Maximoff and Stephen’s zombie forms appear in the episode, with Wanda being particularly horrifying. The primary cast of Multiverse of Madness will have to confront undead versions of themselves as they travel around this horror-themed cosmos.

5. Nightmare

Source: Marvel Studio

Nightmare is another enemy who has the potential to appear in Doctor Strange 2. He is a Fear Lord, similar to the Dweller in Darkness, and he is in charge of the Dream Dimension’s Nightmare Realm. He is Shuma Gorath’s ally and Dr. Strange’s typical adversary. Strange is once captured in Nightmare’s realm and only manages to escape with the help of the Ancient One.

6. Karl Mordo

Source: Marvel Studio

He abandons the Masters of the Mystic Arts entirely, dissatisfied with the misdeeds of both the Ancient One and Stephen. In Multiverse of Madness, he’ll finally return, presumably with the goal of apprehending Stephen and making him pay for his misdeeds. His arc differs from that of the comic book version of the character, but he doesn’t appear in the same way.

7. The Illuminati

Source: Marvel Studio

After the second trailer, it has become obvious that fans weren’t wrong to be excited. The voice of Professor X is one of the most intriguing elements recently revealed. It suggests the Illuminati will be making an appearance in the movie.

8. Chthon

Source: Marvel Studio

It’s possible that the MCU is heading in the same direction. WandaVision has already revealed that Wanda possessed abilities as a child, explaining why the bomb failed to kill her and Pietro. Wanda is more vulnerable to Chthon’s control than ever before, and she may easily be possessed by him now that she has the Darkhold.

9. Mephisto’

Source: Marvel Studio

The advent of Mephisto could be quite close. Wanda hears her children’s voices while investigating the Darkhold. This occurrence may have something to do with Chthon, but it could also have something to do with Mephisto. Wanda’s yearning to reunite with her children may lead to her being corrupted by Mephisto.

10. Agatha

nullSource: Marvel Studio

Agatha Harkness was last seen on screen in the WandaVision conclusion. Wanda vanquished the bad witch and freed her from her spells. Then she used a spell to transform Agatha into Agnes, the nosy neighbor, the Westview character she’d built for herself. Wanda may run into Agatha in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer since she appears to return to Westview. Given the other Easter eggs fans discovered in the video and the Doctor Strange 2 poster, a cameo appearance by Kathryn Hahn in the MCU film wouldn’t be unusual.