4-Year-Old Dies After Being Forced To Drink This Kind Of Alcoholic Beverage By Her Granny

Roxanne Record, 53, her grandmother, and Kadjah Record, 28, her mother, both from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison for first-degree murder, according to inmate records. Their child was forced to drink whiskey.

Source: Baton Rouge Police Department

They became furious with the child on Thursday because she "may have drunk from a Canadian Mist bottle" that was on a counter, and Roxanne then compelled the girl "to consume the remainder of the bottle which was possibly over half full while on her knees in the hallway," the warrants said.
Kadjah was there, observed and didn’t attempt to intercede, according to the police. She didn’t look for medical help for her daughter until she stopped breathing, either. First responders attempted to conduct lifesaving measures but failed.
Roxanne Record told police "that she messed up and that she wanted to take full responsibility for the death of the victim,". "The defendant [Roxanne Record] stated that this went too far and that she ruined everyone's lives," but didn't elaborate, the warrants said.
The girl's blood alcohol content was 0.680%, a "lethal dosage," according to the arrest warrant. A level of .25% can cause alcohol poisoning, and anything higher than .40% can lead to a coma or death, according to a University of Notre Dame chart.
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