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45 Black Celebrities Who Don’t Seem To Have Aged

Let’s make one clear: There’s nothing wrong or shameful about getting older. But we can’t deny that our bodies change throughout the years. That usually means sagging skin, breathing issues, and a slew of other issues. Some of us may look ugly and skinny as we grow old. That’s why most of us don’t like aging, even famous people.

Many stars also get older and change badly over time. However, surprisingly, some celebrities keep getting older but refuse to age! In this post, we’ve specially gathered 45 black celebrities that seem to be aging gracefully. Have you ever heard that “black doesn’t crack”? Naturally, due to melanin, dark skin usually ages slower. And, thanks to personal trainers, high-priced products, and fitness equipment, Hollywood celebrities can find it easier to maintain their beauty.

Let’s scroll down below! You may be shocked to see these celebs. They seem to go against the laws of nature, yet you still can’t help but let out an “OMG, how can they be like that?”

#1 Gabrielle Union

Source: gabion

#2 Will Smith

Source: unknown

#3 Pharrell Williams

Source: Dimitrios Kambouris

#4 Lenny Kravitz

Source: lennykravitz

#5 Alfre Woodard

Source: realalfrewoodard

#6 Halle Berry

Source: halleberry

#7 Regina Hall

Source: morereginahall

#8 Iman

Source: unknown

#9 Naomi Campbell

Source: naomi

#10 Rozonda “Chili” Thomas

Source: therealchilli

#11 Angela Bassett

Source: im.angelabassett

#12 Alicia Keys

Source: im.angelabassett

#13 Idris Elba

Source: idriselba

#14 Jamie Foxx

Source: iamjamiefoxx

#15 Brandy Norwood

Source: 4everbrandy

#16 Taraji P Henson

Source: tarajiphenson

#17 Kerry Washington

Source: queenlatifah

#18 Sanaa Lathan

Source: izaaktheo

#19 Barack Obama

Source: barackobama

#20 Martin Lawrence

Source: martinlawrence

#21 Nia Long

Source: iamnialong

#22 Bianca Lawson

Source: biancajasminelawson

#23 Morris Chestnut

Source: morrischestnutofficial

#24 Rachel True

Source: trueracheltrue

#25 Lionel Richie

Source: lionelrichie

#26 Queen Latifah

Source: queenlatifah

#27 Sade

Source: izaaktheo

#28 Oprah Winfrey

Source: oprah

#29 Tracee Ellis Ross

Source: TraceeEllisRoss

#30 Lisa Bonet

Source: officiallisabonet

#31 Ice Cube

Source: icecube

#32 Michelle Obama

Source: michelleobama

#33 Jenifer Lewis

Source: jeniferlewisforreal

#34 Karyn Parsons

Source: karynparsons

#35 Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Source: diddy

#36 Blair Underwood

Source: blairunderwood_officia

#37 Michael Ealy

Source: themichaelealy

#38 Eric Benét

Source: ericbenet

#39 Marlon Wayans

Source: marlonwayans

#40 Janet Jackson

Source: janetjackson

#41 Cynthia Bailey

Source: cynthiabailey10

#42 Jada Pinkett Smith

Source: jadapinkettsmith

#43 Djimon Hounsou

Source: djimon_hounsou

#44 LL Cool J

Source: llcoolj

#45 Cicely Tyson

Source: strongblacklead

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