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22 Celebrities Who Don’t Care About Unrealistic Beauty Standards

In today’s world, women are expected to wear makeup in their daily lives, work out at the gym, stay skinny with the right curves, and be young, according to current beauty standards. These expectations are all influenced by history and technological advancement. 

What distinguishes today from the past is that, as society has become more inclusive, we can also express our individuality. Therefore, being a woman today is more powerful than it has ever been, and even more so with the rise of social media. In addition, what the traditional media portrays as the standard of beauty is not necessarily true in all cases. 

More and more people are speaking up against such stereotypes. Instead of following these ridiculous beauty standards, they embrace their uniqueness and individuality. Fortunately, many of these pioneers are top Hollywood celebrities. They are setting their own standards of beauty and are just going for it.

Below are the 22 celebrities who don’t really care about unrealistic beauty standards. Keep scrolling to know who they are!

#1 Lady Gaga

Source: @ladygaga

Lady Gaga has been developing unconventional – some even consider weird – fashion sense.

#2 Tess Holliday

Source: @tessholliday

The plus-size model Tess Holliday is not afraid to show her sense of style to the public.

#3 Alicia Keys

Source: @aliciakeys

Alicia Key is one of the most famous singers of our time. Despite this, she actually announced in 2016 that she would no longer wear makeup.

#4 Jonathan Van Ness

Source: @jvn

Van Ness defies gender conventions when it comes to fashion and urges individuals to wear what makes them feel powerful.

#5 Billy Porter

Source: @theebillyporter

Porter is certain to turn heads whether he’s walking the red carpet or attending the Met Gala. He also encourages individuals around the world to accept gender flexibility.

#6 Christian Siriano

Source: @csiriano

Siriano, one of the country’s top fashion designers, clothes some of Hollywood’s most recognized personalities for some of the year’s most important events, including the Oscars.

#7 Chrissy Teigen

Source: @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen is a model and television personality who isn’t afraid to be open about her flaws. Rather than complying with the standards of the entertainment business, she seeks a more realistic approach to dressing.

#8 Lizzo

Source: @lizzobeeating

Lizzo’s sudden fame stemmed from her great singing voice and successful songs. She shares the stage with plus-size dancers when she performs live to demonstrate that all body types can get down.

#9 Amy Schumer

Source: @amyschumer

Amy Schumer, a comedian, uses her platform to challenge women’s beauty standards. She attempts to depict women authentically in her stand-up comedy routines and films, rather than through the prism of the entertainment business. With her comedy and prominent position, she demonstrates that women do not have to obey the norms in order to be attractive.

#10 Billie Eilish

Source: @billieeilish

Billie Eilish, an American singer, and songwriter, rose to prominence as a pop sensation thanks to her distinct musical and fashion tastes, as well as her compositions. Eilish’s wardrobe choices are making an impression. Instead of wearing tailored clothing, she chooses to wear baggy apparel on purpose.

#11 Harry Styles

Source: @harrystyles

Harry Styles, an English-born singer, rose to prominence as one of the five members of the boy band One Direction. Styles is leveraging his celebrity to challenge what men’s attractiveness standards include. Styles expresses himself through gender-fluid dress and cosmetics, and he encourages his admirers to do the same.

#12 Kim Kardashian

Source: @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian is a reality television star, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She gained stardom on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her family’s E! channel, in 2007. Kim has created various beauty product lines, ranging from cosmetics to skincare to perfumes. Her fragrance line’s campaign celebrated the female body, cellulite, and all.

#13 Laverne Cox

Source: @lavernecox

Laverne Cox is an artist and campaigner who preaches the need of transcending gender stereotypes in order to live more truthfully. Laverne is the first openly transgender person to appear on the covers of TIME, British Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Essence, among others.

#14 Zendaya

Source: @zendaya

The Dune actress was born in Oakland, California, but now resides in Los Angeles with the rest of Hollywood’s elite. For most of her adolescence, Zendaya was a Disney princess. Being a woman herself, she aims to make everybody feels represented and beautiful, no matter their size. She launched a clothing brand that is size-inclusive, which means it is suitable for individuals of all body shapes.

#15 Rihanna

Source: @rihannaofficilal

Rihanna, a Bardabian beauty with a singing talent, rose to prominence following a fortuitous meeting with a recording entrepreneur. She is unquestionably the queen of personal branding. Rihanna once used a model with facial scars in one of her videos. She refused to have the scars erased or concealed throughout the editing process in order to demonstrate that these ostensibly “flaws” are attractive.

#16 RuPaul

Source: @rupaulofficial

You definitely don’t think of drag queens when you think of traditional beauty standards. RuPaul set out to alter that when he broke into the scene with the song “Supermodel (You Better Work).” RuPaul, who is tall and statuesque, utilized his voice to make room in the beauty business for the nonconforming.

#17 Ashley Graham

Source: @ashleygraham

Graham is a plus-size supermodel and body-positive campaigner who is breaking down barriers in the fashion industry. Ashley Graham has dominated the modeling industry and earned a reputation as a savvy businesswoman in recent years.

#18 Amy Purdy

Source: @amypurdygurl

Amy had a promising future as a massage therapist and was involved in snowboarding and other outdoor sports when she became ill with meningococcal illness. As a result of this tragedy, doctors were forced to amputate both of her legs below the knee. Purdy didn’t let her disability get in her way. Instead, she rose through the ranks to become a Paralympic medalist, actor, model, clothes designer, motivational speaker, and book.

#19 Aaron Philip

Source: @aaron___philip

Aaron Philip is an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ+ and disability rights. Philip has set her eyes on the Gucci, Prada, and Dior runways, questioning why these places should not be inclusive and representational of all bodies. Her future ambitions are to advance in modeling while honoring my sense of self and building a niche in the fashion industry for my communities.

#20 Halsey

Source: @iamhalsey

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, is an American pop singer and songwriter. She is also a fashion icon and a rule-breaker. Halsey opted for a portrait on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, displaying her underarm stubble. Instead of covering her hair, she proudly displayed it for all to see.

#21 Ruby Rose

Source: @rubyrose

Ruby Rose is a model, television personality, actress, DJ, music artist, and amateur boxer from Australia. She gained prominence in the entertainment sector while working as a VJ on ‘MTV’ Australia. Her remarkable looks, elegant style, and flowing expression all contributed considerably to shattering beauty stereotypes.

#22 Winnie Harlow

Source: @winnieharlow

Winnie Harlow is a Jamaican-Canadian fashion model and public advocate for the vitiligo skin condition. As Winnie’s skin changed, the teasing began almost immediately. However, it did not stop her to becoming a stylish woman filled self-assurance, skill, and attractiveness.

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