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14 Interviews With The Cast Of ‘That ’70s Show’ That Recall Why We Loved Hanging Out With Them

“That ’70s Show” became one of the most popular comedies and the finest teen shows in television history.

Created by Mark Brazill, Bonnie Turner, and Terry Turner, “That ’70s Show,” followed a group of teenagers growing up in the Wisconsin suburbs in the 1970s. They enjoyed hanging around, getting high, and drinking beer together. The series was well-received by both young and old audiences. “That ‘70s Show” became the launching pad for the acting careers of several of its actors including Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, and Danny Masterson.

After the success of “That ‘70s Show”, Fox tried to maintain the show’s momentum with “That ’80s Show,” but it was unsuccessful because it lacked the charm and skill that “That ’70s Show” possessed. In recent news, it was revealed that “That ’90s Show” will premiere on Netflix, although no release date has been set.

Before then, let’s take a look at 14 interviews with the cast of “That ’70s Show” and recall why we enjoy spending time with them.

#1 Topher Grace played Eric Forman

Topher Grace portrayed Eric Forman, who was both innocent and nerdy. Since the program, he has had a long and successful acting career, and he is still working now. Grace presently stars in the ABC sitcom Home Economics. Grace also works as a television producer. He served as an executive producer on Home Economics and Treasure Squad.

In “LIVE! Kelly and Ryan”, Topher mentioned that for his “That ’70s Show” audition, he brought a photo of him at “Six Flags”.

Source: LIVEKellyandRyan

He also said that he auditioned for a “Disney” musical with “The Circle Of Life.”

Source: Team Coco

#2 Ashton Kutcher played Michael Kelso

In “That ’70s Show”, Ashton Kutcher played Michael Kelso, a goofy heartthrob. Kutcher has gone on to become an A-list actor, producer, and entrepreneur after the program ended. Kutcher has backed a number of technology startups, including Neighborly and Lemonade Inc. He has worked as an executive producer on a number of television shows, including The Ranch and Going From Broke. Kutcher is currently working on many projects, including James Franco’s The Long Home and Aline Brosh McKenna’s Your Place Or Mine.
Ashton showed off his new mustache in “The Tonight Show”.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In the TV show “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, Ashton described what it’s like having kids today.

Source: The Late Late Show with James Corden

#3 Mila Kunis played Jackie Burkhart

Since the series, Mila Kunis, who portrayed Jackie Burkhart, has risen to stardom. Kunis has recently shifted her focus to more serious parts, such as her acclaimed performance as a drug addict in “Four Good Days”, and “Luckiest Girl Alive”. She’s also worked in the television industry as a producer. Kunis is the executive producer on two series, Made In LA and Hunted.
In an interview, Mila said that she had lied she was eighteen in order to audition for ‘That ’70s Show’.

Source: Team Coco

12Mila released that she and Ashton started dating on “The Late Late Show.”

Source: The Late Late Show

#4 Laura Prepon played Donna Pinciotti

Laura Prepon portrayed Donna Pinciotti, Eric Forman’s love interest. After “That ’70s Show”, Prepon continued to act, and she is most recognized for her role as Alex Vause in “Orange Is the New Black”. In terms of her personal life, she is married to actor Ben Foster and has three children with him.
On her Youtube channel, Laura talked about how ‘That ’70s Show’ landed its name.

Source: Laura Prepon

She also share her story when starting her career at fifteen.

Source: Queen Latifah

#5 Wilmer Valderrama played Fez

In “That ’70s Show,” Wilmer Valderrama played Fez, a cheerful foreign exchange student. After the series, he continued to work in cinema and television. He had roles as Nick Torres on NCIS, Zorro in the re-imagining of the Disney series Zorro. Valderrama married Amanda Pacheco in 2020 and they have a child together.
Wilmer talked about his first trip to New York at 18 years old to promote ‘That ’70s Show’.

Source: The Late Late Show with James Corden

In an interview with Fuse, Wilmer said that he had taken a lie detector test.

Source: Fuse

#6 Debra Jo Rupp played Kitty

Debra played Kitty, Eric Forman’s adoring and naïve mother. Since the series finished, the gifted actress has continued to work in cinema and television. Jo Rupp recently starred in the Disney+ miniseries Wandavision. Jo Rupp is still working in theater and has never married or had children.

On KCTV5 News, Debra explained what she likes to do before the curtain opens onstage.

Source: KCTV5 News

She had talked about why she said yes to being in “WandaVision”.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

#7 Kurtwood Smith played Red Forman

Source: Susie Watson

Kurtwood Smith will be remembered as Eric Forman’s harsh and obnoxious father, Red Forman. After “That ’70s Show”, Smith had a successful acting career. He’ll portray David Bois in the “Hulu series The Drop Out”. And Smith will feature in the forthcoming movie “Firestarter”, which is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.
Kurtwood talked about his guilty pleasure shows in an interview with TV Guide Magazine.

Source: Susie Watson

He also recalled his most awkward on-screen moment.

Source: Susie Watson