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32 Funniest And Messiest Tweets From “The Ultimatum” On Netflix

“The Ultimatum” is Netflix’s newest reality dating show that has grabbed the attention of viewers with thousand of hashtags on Twitter. The announcement that the first eight episodes of its premiere on April 6th take viewers by the storm. Meeting fans’ expectations, it ranked No.1 when dropped on Netflix recently. Fans have been creating thousands of hilarious memes and tweets about the show’s cast.

Twitter users can’t stop sharing their thoughts about the cast of “The Ultimatum” and its scenes. All sayings go to the same thing: It is so crazy. The show follows six couples as they wonder whether or not they truly belong to one another. This is where the twist comes into play: the couples must break up and everyone must pair up with a new partner from another couple. It is a little unhinged.

If you have not seen “The Ultimatum” on Netflix yet, give it a shot. Here are the top The Ultimatum memes and tweets about the show so far.


Source: Ayanna Martinez


Source: Carson


Source: Marie


Source: “I am going to kill Bill”


Source: Kimberly Nicole Foster


Source: Mollie Goodfellow


Source: milk


Source: april


Source: me


Source: troy bugarin


Source: Mel


Source: baby tank


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Source: maya kosoff


Source: a l e j a n d r a


Source: ♛ ✨Confujan🥴🇻🇨Apr 23rd🎂


Source: Gia Tanae


Source: reality ty junkie


Source: Miss Coco’s Corner


Source: Kristina


Source: Kristina


Source: Kimberly Nicole Foster


Source: Helen


Source: Brey


Source: Sarah




Source: Tito


Source: olivia⁷∞🌹🦋♡black lives matter♡


Source: alex culbert


Source: Milly


Source: Brandon Pope TV


Source: Abby Jasmine

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