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25 Movies Plots That Makes You Burst Into Laughter

I guess you have experienced the feeling of weirdness with the plot of the movies several times, it just seems weird and unreasonable with its existing storyline. As a result, viewers can have a sense of confusion and a  frown. When it comes to the director, I reckon this is only one way for the directors to escape from it. Unfortunately, it turned out the time when they put themselves in a stalemate.

Throughout several movies in that, weird plots were made to “do wonders for” the movies, such as creating a character trait or a weird plotline. But hence it gave birth to abnormal but funny things. Below are 25 weird but amusing film plots collected by wildly popular /r/AskReddit thread and users.


1. Guy gets steroids and a frisbee to fight off Nazis.

Source: /u/wat_am_i_doing_here

2. Orphan farm boy kisses sister while deadbeat dad tries to get him to join the family business.

Source: /u/MonaPizzaSmile

3. A group spends nine hours returning some jewelry.

Source: /u/Paradox227

4. Drug-addicted girl takes advantage of a mentally challenged boy for three decades.

Source: /u/EpicHunterII

5. Man saves woman from drowning. A woman doesn’t return the favor.

Source: /u/eebsy_does_it

6. A man ends world hunger with his rock collection.

Source: /u/Subscribe_to_Sam24

7. Dude invites some kids to a factory, 4 of them possibly die, then he tries to rip off the 5th one before letting him use the elevator.

Source: /u/meower500

8. An office worker does drugs to learn Kung Fu.

Source: /u/Ohemdal

9. A couple with an inordinate number of children use their special talents to find their kids after they are kidnapped by a mass murderer who aims to wear their skin.

Source: /u/Emmyfishnappa

10. A nun bangs her boss, renounces her faith, and flees the country.

Source: /u/jakecn93

11. A fox, a bear, and a badger have some serious disagreements with the way a wolf and a lion choose to govern the land.

Source: /u/Emmyfishnappa

12. Woman saves a cat from an intruder on her spaceship.

Source: /u/ctrain___

13. A guy abandons his trash collection for his crush, only to be confronted by obese beings unlike him.

Source: /u/FullyB8ked

14. A guy and his imaginary friend take on the finance sector.

Source: /u/FabioEGonzales

15. Man crawls through a sewer to get to Mexico.

Source: /u/MrMonkrat

16. A man traveling on a train doesn’t like his seat, so he goes to speak to the driver.

Source: /u/nikchalakkal

17. Man’s wife dies. He tries to get high in order to cope. Accidentally gets a minor high along with himself. They go on a major trip and end up good friends when they come down.

Source: /u/justfrench

18. Man goes to meet the estranged wife and kids for the holidays and ends up crawling in ventilation shafts.

Source: /u/hiphopanonymous13579

19. Boy gets friend-zoned by a tiger, no one believes him.

Source: /u/youngrockyraccoon

20. Ex-pilot regains her memory.

Source: /u/Anorak006

21. Rich white man is barely punished for DUI.

Source: /u/FinallyAnonymous24

22. A man and a woman meet each other, complain about their lives, and then leave each other with no change.

Source: /u/Epicfaceguy75

23. A man and a kid watch Shrek whilst fighting a zombie outbreak.

Source: /u/ThatonguyDS

24. Boy makes rockets with other boys, goes to mine coal with his dad, then makes more rockets with the boys.

Source: /u/Astro-Wizard

25. Teens drink, do drugs, and have sex while they’re supposed to be conducting a medical procedure.

Source: /u/awesomelogan217

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