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“Tell Your Cat I Said Pspsps”: Reddit User Asks Netizens To Tell Their Cats This, Receives Interesting Responses

If you’re a cat owner, you probably know that our feline friends have very amusing reactions to certain sounds and triggers. One such trigger is a sound you can make by saying ‘Ps, Ps, Ps’. We are sure that you have done this quite a few times.

On the subreddit ‘Made Me Smile’, a Reddit user @curiouslyinclined shared a pic of a bumper sticker behind his car saying, “Tell your cat I said pspsps.”

Take a look at the post:

Source: u/curiouslyinclined

What makes the post more interesting are the hilarious replies from netizens after pspsps-ing to their cat friends. The responses may melt your heart and make you smile.

The post was shared on February 10. Up to now, it has garnered over 17,700 upvotes and tons of comments. Here are the best comments that we gathered. Scroll down to see!

“I can’t ignore an important message like this, I’ll let all my neighborhood cats know!” a Reddit user wrote.

“Gonna pspsps my 20-year-old man when I get home. He can’t hear very well anymore but he’ll appreciate that you thought of him,” commented another.

“I passed on your message to my cat Hecate, she looked at me and purred,” wrote one individual. “Told my cats: Frito said he don’t care. Athena said what’s up. And Boogie wants pets,” informed one.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! In case you haven’t, let this Reddit post push you to try this with your feline friend.