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These 24 Celebrities’ Secret Talents May Shake The World A Little

Most artistic people have at least one or two unique talents. Some people can create paintings, do magic tricks, and some can be math geniuses, etc. However, it appears that the media does not pay much attention to those aptitudes. They focus on their careers or personal lives, instead.
Some of these artists started painting before becoming global stars, while others first discovered art later in life. For instance, Lucy Liu started displaying her works of art under the name Yu Ling in 1993 and is now known for her beautiful paintings. But the most surprising was Sylvester Stallone. He studied art before his film career blossomed. Therefore, his paintings are abstract and highly artistic.
We did some research and were blown away by how multi-talented celebs are. Scroll down to check them out. Do you think some may quit their day job and pursue a career as full-time artists?
They are all amazing!

#1 Michael Jackson

Source: michaeljacksonart

#2 Prince Charles

Source: princeofwales

#3 Bob Dylan

Source: bobdylanart

#4 David Bowie

Source: veryprivategallery

#5 George W. Bush

Source: bushcenter

#6 Steven Tyler

Source: mouchegallery

#7 Sylvester Stallone

Source: officialslystallone,Jim Smeal

#8 Marilyn Manson

Source: marilynmansonimages

#9 Anthony Hopkins

Source: anthonyhopkins

#10 Ronnie Wood

Source: ronniewood

#11 Paul McCartney

Source: Ruth Ward,paulmccartney

#12 Paul Simonon

Source: paulsimonon

#13 James Franco

Source: treasongallery

#14 Marilyn Monroe

#15 Lucy Liu

Source: lucyliu

#16 Jim Carrey

Source: artnet

#17 Johnny Depp

Source: deppimpact

#18 Tony Bennett

Source: tonybennett

#19 Frank Sinatra

Source: deansandfranks

#20 Paul Stanley

Source: paulstanley

#21 Johnny Cash

Source: johnnycashstore

#22 John Lennon

Source: johnlennonartworks

#23 Marilyn Monroe

#24 Pierce Brosnan

Source: piercebrosnan

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