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Dog Invades Football Pitch And Demands Belly Rub From Goalkeeper

In Georgia, a playful Labrador invades a game of football and demands a belly rub when players try to catch him. The referee officiating the match between Dila and Torpedo Kutaisi was forced to stop play as the hound appeared from the stands as the keeper was set to take a goal kick.
Many of the players tried to catch the dog but he thought they were playing a game and started to run away from them. The canine seemed to take a particular liking to the Torpedo ‘keeper, rolling on his back inviting him to rub his belly and playfully trying to nibble on his glove.
Many people finally came onto the pitch and tried to lift the dog away but the hound gives them a dummy and runs back on to the pitch. After a lot of persuading the dog is eventually taken off the pitch and brought behind the stalls. It’s not entirely clear where the dog came from, or how it came to be on the pitch, but it looked like it was having a great time.
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A playful black Labrador runs onto the pitch during game of football in Georgia.

The happy black dog looks ready to play a game of catch with the ball when it runs around the pitch.

A player looks bemused and tries to catch the dog – but bounds around like they’re playing a game.

The playful black Lab rolls over for a belly rub when a goalie tries to give it a friendly pat.

Medics can be seen attempting to lift the naughty dog off the pitch but it manages to break free.

Watch the video here!