20+ Epic Clothing Design Fails That You Won't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

When it comes to clothes, we all consider them to be one of the most essential things that we spend a lot of money on in our lives. Because the clothing industry is very potential, many designers have put a lot of effort into creating outfits that meet the need of customers. Some are extremely beautiful and impressive while some are so weird that you won't know whether to laugh or cry.
We have gathered some of the weirdest and most hilarious outfits that people have spotted and then captured. We're sure that you will stand out on the street if you wear them. Scroll down to check out how ridiculous they are. And upvote for the most bizarre one. Also, unless you want to be a clown, ask your family members or your friends for their opinion before you decide to purchase something.

#1. Stare into your soul

Source: imgur.com

#2. The brave boy wore both shorts and pink socks in the middle of the crowd

Source: fishki.net

#3. Will someone buy this?

Source: TopAusCasino

#4. I want this mermaid onesie for Xmas so bad. You can even see out the hoodie when zipped

Source: imgur.com

#5. It's so hot

Source: patrasevents.gr

#6. "On the way to a shoot"

Source: linskatoch

#7. for reasons unknown, it’s truly simple to be in vogue

Source: ThuyOng

#8. Shield?

Source: balenciaga

#9. Puma's designers think out of the box

Source: mullrrr

#10. The half-bitten apple and the story "behind" it

Source: patrasevents.gr

#11. Poison Ivy’s shoes

Source: crimesagainstshoemanity

#12. "I dress for the job I was born for"

Source: imgur.com

#13. Think solo

Source: solomila

#14. "I found it!"

Source: imgur.com

#15. Zara has designed trainers especially for taking the bins out

Source: beardedgenius

#16. That's on sale now

Source: imgur.com

#17. When a movie character decides to buy shoes

Source: uglydesign

#18. When you want to be a cow but life doesn't let you be

Source: uglydesign

#19. Yoga pants are fashion level: EXPERT

Source: AngelaBrisk

#20. Will you buy this shoes

Source: crimesagainstshoemanity

#21. The tallest shoe ever recorded is for those who want to have endlessly long legs

Source: patrasevents.gr

#22. Inspired by the Rhinoceros Beetle

Source: crimesagainstshoemanity

#23. Really flavorful hoodie

Source: gamiss.com

#24. A solution for environmental protection

Source: jadewilksx

#25. Kim Kardashian and this onion bag

Source: imgur.com

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