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People Are Sharing True Stories When They Stumbled Upon Dolls With Very Bad Vibes

You know, dolls are popular toys for children around the world. Those human-resembling toys are like friends of many kids. They play, eat, or take a bath together. And while kids love to have fun with these “friends,” we adults, on the other hand, don’t really like them. Okay, maybe we’re just worried over nothing, but the look of those dolls makes us feel unsettled.

Annabelle and Chucky indeed play a major part in terrifying us about dolls in general. But we believe that the sheer number of haunted dolls reported is enough of a reason for us to keep an eye on these toys. Many people are curious to see paranormal activities. So they even seek and bring home suspicious toy dolls from scary places. But, things don’t always end well. Don’t mess with things you don’t know. People are sharing their experiences with haunted dolls, and it’s both intriguing and terrifying to read.

#1 That ain’t no doll

Source: F_a_r_a_z

#2 Almost ten years ago, I made a voodoo doll of myself and it disappeared. Tonight maybe just an hour ago. it showed up on my doorstep with its “heart” ripped out. What does this mean? I’m a bit worried

Source: bathorybaby

#3 Doll surrounded by salt whit branches on top (story)

Source: SinfoniaDeDragones

#4 My friend found this in the deep deep woods of Flordia. He’s made of twine and maybe hay? His sack has items in it to repair him from what my friend says. Not sure what items he didn’t really say. I was told to post here. I originally posted in r/whatisthisthing but they told me to post here instead

Source: kaybug2781

#5 Haunted Doll(s) Watch!

Source: j_miles

#6 Old dolls nailed to a tree in my local water park

Source: sparkyfrodo

#7 These straw dolls are appearing nailed to trees around my local graveyard

Source: simev

#8 I found this doll in an oddities store while traveling through Beacon, NY – about an hour north of New York City. It’s probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen – and only $185.00 for a doll that’s sure to murder you…

Source: mantictoboggan

#9 This thing is alive!

Source: pinkhipp0_

#10 Violet the Doll (Haunted Doll – story)

Source: AbandonedExplorer21

#11 My wife just found this sitting on her father’s bed

Source: ValencourtMusic

#12 Found this doll face in my driveway, I have no idea how it got there

Source: LennoxI2I

#13 This is Lily, lowkey scared now that she’s haunted bc it’s 3 am and I hear tapping 🙂 I keep checking if she’s moved

Source: hid3yoshix

#14 Creepy doll sent to my house (story)

Source: sherbear_55

#15 Haunted dolls

Source: dazedandconfuseddawg

#16 Found in a cemetery while geocaching. The doll was wrapped in paper which was wrapped in the cloth cross and bound with twine. Overall very creepy

Source: rtothewin

#17 So, I bought a haunted doll. When I read the description, I knew I had to have her in my life (sadly, she hasn’t flirted with me yet)

Source: bitcoinskrillex420

#18 This doll I had as a child that was made to look like me now has unsettling red eyes after being stored in the attic

Source: mbrown39

#19 I found an eerie-looking porcelain/stuffed cloth doll in the woods behind my house

Source: findrin9

#20 Creepy doll found in a hidden portion of a storage closet

Source: igottapoopbad

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