Man Posts Twitter Thread Following His Dog's Refusal To Eat Dog Food After Exposed To Human Food, People Reply With Stories Of Their Own Pets

Have you tried feeding your beloved cats and dogs human food? Believe us, if you do this long enough, your pets will start asking you to share your food when you don't. These animals don't really care what food is for them, and no matter what kind of food you give them, they just take in and love it. Sometimes, your pets will refuse to turn back to pet food after they have a chance to taste human food.
A man has shared his own story on Twitter after he fed his dog some rotisserie chicken, without knowing that he was teaching it to eat chicken only. Needless to say, this owner is dealing with a tough issue as he can't force his dog to eat what it doesn't want, but he can't afford to buy rotisserie chicken forever.

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He has tried several ways but failed! Now, this 'diva' dog is certainly pampered. She gets all of her human's love and care, and we're sure she's the luckiest dog we have ever known.

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Source: RVAReid

Source: RVAReid

Source: RVAReid

The post with more than 120K likes has sparked a delightful thread on Twitter. People reply by sharing funny stories of their own pets. Please scroll down to meet diva doggos who don't accept dog food after being exposed to delicious human food. If you have a story of your own, please let us know in the comment!

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