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40 Netizens’ Reactions To Will Smith’s Slapping On Chris Rock During The Live Oscars Broadcast

The 94th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, took place on March 27th with many noble awards handed out for creative and excellent individuals and teams in the film industry. But it’s not what people are talking about after the ceremony. For those who don’t really care about actors, characters, and movies, there is nothing to watch at the ceremony.

However, the way people reacted to the 94th Oscars is totally different. Someone slapped the Oscars back into the spotlight. The now-iconic slap in a theatre full of performers is becoming a topic of controversy on social media. It started with Chris Rock’s joke about Jada Smith’s shaved head, which was admittedly mean, considering she suffers from alopecia. More surprisingly, no one could have expected Will Smith to react the way he did. He defended his wife by going to slap who told the joke.

Indeed, Smith’s slow walk to the stage seemed like the setup a bit. Obviously, Rock didn’t think that he was slapped, he seemed to expect something planned to appear. Until Smith returned to his seat and began screaming obscenities at Rock, the audience understood that the incident wasn’t scripted.

What Smith did actually baffled the audience and viewers alike. When knowing it wasn’t a performance, many people have given different comments on that unforgettable moment. Some criticized Smith’s reaction, calling it violent, abusive, while some defended him and showed their sympathy for his feelings and there are also some watching and making jokes about it.

Here we have collected some of them! Let us know what you think about it!

#1 This is the iconic slap of Smith on stage, which wasn’t unscripted and shocked many people

Source: Reuters

#2 After the awards show ended, the Academy of Motion Pictures issued a statement on Twitter. They will never condone violence of any form

Source: The Academy

#3 Here is how people react to the incident!

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