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10 Celebrities Who Bashed Hollywood’s Ideal Body Image

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing “perfect” body images may make us feel insecure. As it turns out, even the most influential women in Hollywood struggle with body image. As time goes by, they’ve changed their mindset and have embraced their flaws.

Being a role model doesn’t mean looking like a model — and these 10 actresses, singers, and comedians know it. They’re working to break down our norms of how women should look with honest talk about being healthy and finding true happiness. In order to reclaim control of their own bodies, these celebrities avoid cosmetic surgeries, concealing gray hairs and covering up stretch marks. Instead of pleasing the public eyes, they’ve chosen to fully accept their bodies, and if society doesn’t agree, well, they don’t care.

Their fight encourages and inspires women around the world to protect their natural beauty, helping them love themselves more and eradicate insecurities about their appearance in public.

Here are 10 wonderful celebrities who reject Hollywood’s beauty standards and accept their true selves. Let’s scroll down and explore!

#1 Jennifer Aniston

Source: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston was supposedly asked to lose weight before getting her iconic role as Rachel Green in “Friends”. Aniston wrote in an op-ed for HuffPost about how her agency told her to lose weight if she wanted to be famous in Hollywood. She declined, and years later, she criticized society for its widespread body shaming.

#2 Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore has spoken out about loving her age in all of its beauty and refusing to do anything to slow down her body’s natural process of aging. In an interview, Barrymore admitted that she could see the signs of aging on her face. Rather than rejecting it, she wishes to assure her girls that it is a normal change.

#3 Helen Mirren

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Spotting those stray white hairs may be upsetting for women as they figure out how to deal with aging. It’s a natural instinct to choose to color your hair and hide them from people, but Helen Mirren rejects it. Dame Helen Mirren has long enjoyed a lovely gray bob and has encouraged people to see the color as a “positive as opposed to a negative.”

#4 Salma Hayek

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In September 2020, the 55-year-old actor posted a photo with a strand of gray hair. “The white hair of wisdom,” Hayek wrote in the caption, repeating the sentiment in Spanish and in French, “Las canas de la sabiduría. Les cheveux blancs de la sagesse.”

In another Instagram image from 2019, she showed off a few of her face-framing white hairs in a smiling selfie. Hayek honored her natural beauty by tagging the photo, “#proudofmywhitehair.”

#5 Lady Gaga

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It comes as no surprise that Lady Gaga is regularly criticized for her body shape, considering that Hollywood sees flaws in everyone. Gaga, on the other hand, is extremely confident in her body—as she should be—and has no desire to change her appearance.

“I heard my body is a topic of conversation, so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too,” she wrote on Instagram.

“No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don’t need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions.”

#6 Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz acknowledged using Botox once in her life and said that it made her realize that accepting her age was all she needed for happiness.

On a podcast called Rule Breakers in 2022, Diaz mentioned how retiring from performing helped her recognize how mistreated she was. In fact, she no longer does skincare because she believes that staying healthy for her child is more important.

#7 Jennifer Lopez

Source: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez has long been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive women, yet it turns out that she was once brutally chastised for her curvy body. She was even advised to lose weight, but she refused to conform to unrealistic beauty standards because she was raised to appreciate her body exactly as it was.

“My mom and my grandmother were the ones who drilled into me, ‘This is how we are, and this is what’s beautiful,'” she said.

“My dad loved my mom’s body—all the men in our family loved the women’s bodies. Being curvy or not, being 6 feet tall was never a bad thing.”

#8 Ashley Graham

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As a plus-size model, Ashley Graham has always been, and will always be, a body acceptance leader. She is often questioned about her decision not to lose weight. But, of course, she wants her decision to appreciate her natural body to inspire the next generation to do the same.

#9 Rihanna

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Rihanna is one of the world’s most confident and gorgeous ladies. But she, however, knows the compressive force placed on women to achieve specific body weight.

In an interview with You, she attacked how the fashion industry has brainwashed women into believing that being skinny is the best, and she stated that she has no plans to adapt to their expectations.

#10 Jamie Lee Curtis

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Jamie Lee Curtis has chosen to no longer “conceal” her appearance in order to suit society and will be physically authentic in the present. The 63-year-old admitted that she’s been “sucking in” her stomach because of beauty standards since she was 11 years old and now wants to quit.

Curtis not only dislikes the phrase “anti-aging,” but she has also stated that she avoids looking in the mirror in order to avoid mourning her appearance.