People Share Stories Of Cat Moms Trusting Humans With Their Kittens, And They Are So Wholesome!

Anyone who owns a cat knows that it's not easy to gain their trust. Due to being aloof and choosy, it takes a lot of time and observation for them to choose someone and build trust with them. Besides, they're defensive and protective by nature, and they're even more defensive when they have babies. Therefore, if a cat mom trusts you with their kittens, you are so lucky. It is a big accomplishment that you should be proud of achieving!
In this post, we would like to show some stories of cat moms trusting their humans with their kittens. Honestly, these stories are so great that they make our hearts melt with joy. Scroll down below to read them all!


Source: Amberly Stacy Mathews


Source: Ilene Bennett


Source: Tara Gilbar


Source: Andrei Torres


Source: Bernie Pederson


Source: Rhonda Gamble


Source: Cass McMain


Source: Rebecca Comer


Source: Nuala Kranas


Source: Keith Harris


Source: Melisa Dodrill


Source: Sélah DeLamare

We love reading heartwarming and adorable animal stories, so if you have a story of your own, come share it with us in the comment below!
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