Faith In Humanity Restored! Woman Holds A Cat In Her Arms While Air Raid Sirens Sound In Ukraine

As the brutal war between Russia and Ukraine happens, many heart-wrenching videos and photos emerging from the war-torn country are being widely shared on the internet. But amid those heart-breaking images of disaster, destruction, and displacement that we are seeing in Ukraine, there are still photos and footage of hope and humanity.

Source: Unknown

On Monday, a foreign correspondent named Trey Yingst shared a video of a young woman on the street holding a cat in her arms. She comforted the animal while air raid sirens sounded across Kyiv. The video was shared on Twitter and quickly went viral.
It's unclear if the woman owned the cat or if they were only recently acquainted, but her tender action to the animal highlights love and restores faith in humanity in the backdrop of the beleaguered capital city of Kyiv.
Yingst also shared another video of an elder gentleman feeding pigeons while war wages on around them.A person commented, "Love the Ukrainians for their peaceful ways, love of family, and devotion to their pets. God save the Ukrainians!"

Source: Unknown

We are broken-hearted by what is happening to the Ukrainian people, animals, and their beautiful country. But we feel better to know that there are countless acts of kindness taking place each day. In addition to animal lovers, rescue organizations are trying their best to support animals and their owners in Ukraine. If you want to help them, you can click here to see more!
Such a touching moment while war sirens sound across Kyiv! Please share this video with your friends and family members!
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