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14 Funniest Examples Of The “Explain Movie Badly” Challenge

A one-sentence summary is the best method to describe and recommend a movie to someone. However, it’s not easy to write it probably. Because you have to convert large amounts of information into a short and accessible format that others can understand.

But this doesn’t bother some people who were born with a sharp sense of humor. They participated in a challenge called ‘Explain Movie Badly’, in which they have to explain the films in just a few sentences using crude reductionism.  Now, this  “Explain Movie Badly” challenge has gone viral on Twitter, and many other platforms have started talking about it. How exciting is this!

Whether you are familiar with these movies or not, I’m sure that the following explanations will bring you a good dose of laughter. Most of these bad movie descriptions are hilarious because of how realistic they are. Scroll down to see and don’t forget to vote for the most creative descriptions of your favorite movies.

#1 Titanic

Source: © sanct/twitter

#2 Harry Potter

Source: © Connor McCartan/twitter

#3 Star Wars: Episode V

#4 The Hunger Games

Source: © realtraitorfinn/twitter

#5 The Martian

Source: © life_explored/twitter

#6 Shrek

#7 Friends

Source: © Helen Geng/twitter

#8 The Revenant

Source: © Dawud McButtNuggets/twitter

#9 Star Wars

Source: © ThePhangirl17/twitter

#10 Thor

Source: © George Giannopoulos/twitter

#11 The Martian

Source: © Raz/twitter

#12 Avengers: Infinity War

Source: © Lena Pixner/twitter

#13 Avengers: Infinity War

Source: © BenHartWithNoe/twitter

#14 Lord of the Rings

Source: © Eser Unsalan/twitter