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16 Behind The Scenes Pics Of Famous Movies That Took Special Effects To A Whole New Level

Have you watched the superheroes and science fiction movies released recently? Your eyes were grasped by amazing scenes in these movies, right? They look so real. But you know, they are the results of the special effects. Don’t get me wrong. We can never deny the talent of the actors and the hard work of the production teams. But a movie would not have been a hit without the special effects. A lot of effort goes into the behind-the-scenes process.

It means that the ins and outs of a movie are dramatically different. Without special effects, many movies scenes aren’t as real and eye-catching as those on the big screens. In some scenes, characters even wear special sensors on their faces instead of makeup. Well, I do believe that even avid fans might not recognize some iconic movie scenes. Below, we’ve summed up 16 behind-the-scene pics of famous movies. If you are curious about what really happens behind your favorite movies, just scroll down and find out your answers.

#1 Do you remember this scene from “Doctor Strange”?

Source: Bi66pcgD8nt

#2 The Wolverine didn’t have to operate with a real knife behind the scene

Source: Weta Digital / YouTube

#3 Is she still scary without the special effects?

Source: movies.effects

#4 The just wear special suits with censors

Source: filmblueprint

#5 Is this the way Hulk appears?

Source: filmblueprint

#6 No makeup and a normal bottle of water

Source: Weta Digital / YouTube

#7 The cat from Caption Marvel

Source: Marvel Entertainment / YouTube

#8 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Source: ILMVisualFX / YouTube

#9 “Game of Thrones” takes the special effects to the next level

Source: rodeofx_film.episodic

#10 Bumblebee from Transformer

Source: filmblueprint

#11 The elephant is still adorable without the special effects, right?

Source: vfx.guru

#12 Just look at the muscles of Henry Cavil in “Justice League”.

Source: vfx.guru

#13 Can anyone recognize this scene in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”

Source: rodeofx_film.episodic

#14 John wick – Chapter 2

Source: Iloura / Vimeo

#15 A shot from Aquaman

Source: Warner Bros. UK / YouTube

#16 Well, it’s still real chocolate.

Source: 20th Century Fox / YouTube