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30 Times Comments Save The Post, And They’re All Hilarious

What do you often do when coming across a funny video on Tiktok or somehow a hilarious status on Facebook? Well, for me, I’ll look at the comments, because I can always find something interesting there. Written your personal IP, comments can be either inspirational or mean and sometimes are better than the post. Therefore, I’m sure that many of you here love to read comments, too.

There’s a community on Reddit that can be a match to any person who likes comments, such as me! “The Real Joke,” described as “dedicated to those of us who find the better joke in the comments section of any subreddit or other medium,” will bring you laughter and fun with the most amazing comments ever. The Subreddit has gained 265k members over the past two years, and you can join this interesting group here.

The following are thirty times people found great comments that saved the post and shared them on r/TheRealJoke. Without taking your time anymore, we hope you’ll scroll down and enjoy our post.

#1 Handwriting is back! It IS being taught again

Source: ag425

#2 LMAO definitely great advice!

Source: Idkyou4

#3 I Love Democracy

Source: NotUsman

#4 Nice pun!

Source: kvt_17


Source: Babislug

#6 This is why commas matter

Source: Christine900

#7 Me too

Source: pur__0_0__


Source: greyskull710


Source: Butcher_o_BlavikenReport

#10 Couldn’t help laughing

Source: NoDuckFound

#11 I’m stealing this prank!

Source: aaka98

#12 It’s sad because it’s true


#13 So now we know that Dr. Pepper lives in Flint

Source: crimebiscuit


Source: kendrickandcole

#15 I laughed way too hard at this.

Source: kendrickandcole

#16 And she even lost weight really quickly at the end of it, too

Source: Sparklesthehost

#17 this joke is so bad. I love it

Source: niffum_duts

#18 She got the hair for it, too

Source: mouldycheese45


Source: Entity12

#20 Impressive

Source: theLekhapal


Source: opusteno93

#22 BRUTAL!!

Source: 4-eva-dickard

#23 So, an all around sour day.

Source: btweston4718

#24 That’s it

Source: el_conaro

#25 Very punny hahaha

Source: Elnano139

#26 Opps

Source: ForeignerLove

#27 I had to read it twice to get it. It’s funny

Source: MasterRWB

#28 LOL

Source: ForeignerLove

#29 LOL so good

Source: ose_stuf

#30 Hearing Aids

Source: DUBSWAG02

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