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These 27 People Deserve A Refund More Than Anyone Else

Thanks to the advance in technology, life has become easier than ever. For instance, online shopping gaining its popularity over the years helps us to get something we want without having to come to shops spending the whole morning picking up a dress we feel the most satisfied with. Apart from online shopping, a lot of online apps come in handy when you want to order food, book a trip, or register for an e-learning course. Everything seems to be solved just by a mouse click.

Online shopping is convenient, that’s right! However, you should know that what you see online isn’t necessarily what you get. When you purchase something, you often expect it to match the picture on which it is advertised, especially when it’s something you spend a decent amount of cash paying for.

But, as these people found out, things often don’t come as expected. Scroll down and check them out! Do you agree that they deserve a refund?

#1 Heartbreaking!

Source: Imgur

#2 Sweet kicks…

Source: Twitter/ AndyLeeman91

#3 What to say HAHA

Source: Twitter/ adamhess1

#4 Never trust a free-sized outfit

Source: Twitter/ bigtiehill

#5 At least they put some money for compensation.

Source: Instagram/ kalesalad

#6 This person’s burrito came with a timestamp on it.

Source: Reddit/ rainierisrad

#7 You deserve the refund!

Source: Twitter/ jenikya

#8 When you think you’re getting a prom dress but…

Source: unknown

#9 Anyway, it suits your cat!

Source: Imgur | sexybeastwaaaat

#10 Maybe the one who ordered this didn’t know whether he bought coffee or water.

Source: Reddit/ Aunti3_Matter

#11 I don’t think it’s a salad, honestly

Source: Twitter/ pronounced_ing

#12 Do you think they should send it back and ask for a plate?

Source: Twitter/ eeketht

#13 “I ordered my latte skinny, not my sandwich!”

Source: Reddit / stufoonoob

#14 Sorry I laughed so hard!

Source: Twitter/ jetijig

#15 I wonder how the girl reacted when she saw the cake

Source: Imgur/ sexybeastwaaaat

#16 Hmmm…

Source: Imgur/ mhoa

#17 What a jam-filled donut!

Source: Reddit/ Maple_Cry

#18 Discount haircuts are never worth it

Source: Instagram/ beigecardigan

#19 Well, you know, not all “healthy” fast food choices are safe…

Source: Twitter/ antsky

#21 Oh, it’s a TRAPPPP

Source: Imgur/ mhoa

#22 When you’re rude to the drive-thru person…

Source: Twitter/ CamDroid

#23 No prob, the chipmunks need a space to sit, too!

Source: Twitter/ ellharfordxo

#24 Next time, please mention the size!

Source: Reddit/ LambLegs

#25 “Throwback to last year when I thought it was a good idea to buy a prom dress online from China.”

Source: theCHIVE

#26 Anyone pays her refund, please!

Source: Instagram/ Maklo_Never_Forget

#27 It’s weird.

Source: Instagram/ will_ent

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