6 Actors Who Are Obsessed With “Alcohol” While Filming

If you want to know how difficult it is to act drunk when you haven’t had anything to drink, try it the next time you are alone in front of a mirror. You will find that it is not as simple as you may assume. Finding the right balance between slurred speech and humorous clumsiness in your bodily actions will allow you to play the part convincingly. You will need to strike this balance in order to perform the part successfully.

The solution to the age-old question of whether or not the actors are truly drinking alcohol while they booze it up on film is offered by these nine peculiar facts, which will unveil the reality behind some of the most notoriously intoxicated movies of all time.

1. Shia LaBeouf

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Shia LaBeouf drank a lot of pure moonshine on and off the set of the Prohibition-era gangster picture Lawless to get into character as a “drunken bloated” mobster. Actress Mia Wasikowska, who portrayed LaBeouf’s onscreen girlfriend, claims the actor’s drinking was so disturbing during filming that she considered walking out. LaBeouf’s co-star Tom Hardy was also drinking heavily while filming, and he and LeBoeuf got into a few “scuffles” with each other. Hardy has our support and is the favorite to win.

2. Anna Kendrick

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Actress Anna Kendrick got drunk for her part with actor Jake Johnson in the raucous comedy Drinking Buddies. The actress allegedly took a huge gulp of what she believed was a fake beer but was real alcohol and became visibly intoxicated on set. Co-star Olivia Wilde corroborated the claim in multiple interviews, saying that real beer and booze were utilized since they were cheaper than props. Wilde said that they had been drinking during the film.

3. Daniel Craig

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Actor Daniel Craig has been rumored to be the drunkest Bond ever. The Daily Mail claims that Daniel Craig’s 007 consumes 20 cocktails every picture, while Sean Connery’s Bond only consumes 11 drinks on average per film. There’s a good chance that alcohol giants Belvedere and Heineken provided financial support for the current Bond flicks’ tendency toward excessive drinking.

4. Johnny Depp

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Actors seldom drink straight whiskey; instead, they use food coloring to tint water or iced tea to make it look like they’re chugging a stiff drink. Yet, Johnny Depp allegedly drank roughly 11 shots of genuine thing Jack Daniel’s when filming a sequence for the ’90s independent film Arizona Dream. The actor has a history of intoxication on and off set, and he dislikes the idea of acting drunk.

5. Nicolas Cage

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Due to the gloomy alcoholic celebration, To prepare for his role as a drunk man in the film, Nicolas Cage recorded himself outside of Las Vegas. After becoming drunk, he would try to recreate it on stage. Seeing the film should convince you that the strategy was successful.

6. Martin Sheen

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Martin Sheen was not just drinking during the production of the classic beginning of Apocalypse Now, but he was so drunk that he smashed through the mirror used in the sequence, injuring his hand. The scenario is 100% true, including the blood. Francis Ford Coppola allegedly sought to call off production because the injuries were so serious, but Sheen rejected medical attention.