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Dad Uses The Same Bowl To Feed His Cat And His Daughter, Doesn’t See A Problem With It

As pet lovers, we love our pets and consider them family members. We spoil them and share everything with them. But no matter how much we love them, we should put some boundaries in place.

Recently, a man left his sister-in-law disgusted after she saw him feeding his pet cat and his daughter from the same bowl. She told him that his actions were disgusting and unhygienic. However, he doesn’t see a problem with it because he always washes the bowl before putting it back in the cupboard.

He then went on Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong. Scroll down to read the full story!

“Not really the same bowl but that’s the easiest way to describe it. Sorry if this is rambling I’ll try and make sense.

So I have a 8 month old daughter who, even though she eats solids doesn’t eat a lot. I have some little bowls that are the perfect size for how much she eats, so since she started solids these have been “her bowls”.

We recently got a kitten, she has a dish of dry food that is always accessible and in the evening she gets some wet food. There is not a lot of room in her “food nook” so after her water dish and dry food dish I needed something small for her wet food and decided the small bowls were perfect.

My SIL came to visit this week, she was here for dinner so saw me feeding my daughter from one of the bowls, then later on she saw me put “the same” bowl down for the cat and got really angry with me saying I was disgusting, unhygienic etc. I explained that it wasn’t the same bowl (I always use the same one for the cat) but apparently it’s still bad. She said I’m putting my daughter and the cat at the same level.

She got some mutual friends involved and now they’re all saying I’m an assh*le for treating the cat the same as my daughter.

I don’t know what to think anymore.”

After sharing his story online, Redditors responded to it. Some people said it’s “disgusting”, but others oddly agreed that the man had done nothing wrong.

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