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Darker And Harsher Sides That Disney Characters May Encounter In Real Life

Disney has left an indelible mark on our happy childhood. Our favorite characters constantly encouraged us and taught us many useful life lessons. However, the real life has many darker and harsher sides than the world that Disney brought to our minds.

So what if your favorite Disney movies were realistic? It’s sad to say that they would have extremely sad and unhappy endings or even not exist. Imagine a version of “The Jungle Book” with deforestation. Or “The Little Mermaid” occurs under the sea full of plastic, trash,…. It’s a far cry from what we observed as children, isn’t it?

Scroll down to see what 27 Disney movies might look like if they were filmed in the real world below!

#1 Frozen

Oh, It’s so sad. Our queen is heartbroken when the frozen kingdom is almost gone!

#2 Cinderella

Cinderella has no fairy help. The life is cruel!

#3 The Little Mermaid

Help the mermaid from the oil slicks! She was almost exhausted when she tried to get inland.

#4 The Little Mermaid

It’s sad to see him locked up like that!

#5 The Princess and the frog

Maybe this was a farewell between Tiana and her mother.

#6 Sleeping Beauty

An unexpected meeting in the bar! Look at Aurora’s expression, do you see anything strange?

#7 Simba

Simba is surprised that the forest is only him. So sad!

#8 Dumbo

Can someone stop him? Don’t hurt little Dumbo!

#9 Tarzan

Tarzan is crowded on the train. Oh life!

#10 Aladdin

She has lost her kingdom. Where is Aladdin?

#11 Bambi

It’s cruel and brutal! The house is not beautiful at all!

#12 Pinocchio

Oh boy! Don’t do that!

#13 Pinocchio

Oh my god, please help him!!!

#14 Beauty and the beast

Oh Belle, what’s wrong with you?

#15 Robinhood

Please let him out!!

#16 101 Dalmatians

Oh, where are their parents?

#17 Mulan

The place where Mulan lives is very polluted.

#18 Ratatouille

Remi is not a white mouse! Don’t do that to him

#19 Pocahontas

They lost everything!

#20 Winnie The Pooh

He is alone in the middle of a cut-down forest. He’s all alone now!

#21 Lilo and Stich

Lilo and Stich became homeless! They are too small.

#22 The Lost Boys

Even these children. How pitiful they are!

#23 Chicken Little

KFC is a scary place for a chicken like him.

#24 Invisible girl

Where are you going?

#25 Cars

Oh, the traffic jams are terrible!

#26 The Jungle Book

A poor child was left alone after the forest was cleared.

#27The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This winter is even colder for them!

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