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Father Of Two Posts His Brother On Reddit Telling He Doesn’t Deserve “Dog Dad” Card On Father’s Day, Gets Instant “A**hole” From Netizens

Raising a child is not an easy feat, especially when a father takes that responsibility alone. Reddit user @Brief_Barnacle5061 is a father of two kids, one is 1 year old and the other is five. He’s been working hard to pay for himself and support the children as well. More than anyone, he understands how difficult it is, so he’s proud of being able to raise two happy healthy, happy children.

OP (original poster) has a twenty-three-year-old brother who hasn’t thought much about having babies. On one hand, he is too young to hold off his hobbies and desires to start a family. On the other hand, he’s already got a Bulldog that he treats as if it were his own son.

The brother often jokes about how he becomes the father of his dog, which OP feels unhappy with but doesn’t have the right to tell him how to live his life.

Then, last Father’s day, the brother got a ‘dog dad’ card from his friends, and he liked the title a lot. OP, however, found it rude. As a father of two, OP thought that his brother didn’t deserve to be called a ‘dad’ because owning a dog wasn’t as hard as bringing up a child.

When there was disagreement, there was an argument as a result. Read the full post here.

Source: Brief_Barnacle5061

Source: Brief_Barnacle5061

Source: Brief_Barnacle5061

Source: Brief_Barnacle5061

Source: Brief_Barnacle5061

After the story was shared on the Internet, netizens instantly showed their reactions. The majority of Redditors took the side of OP’s brother instead of him.

Well, raising a dog is just like raising a kid, even harder sometimes. Because animals can not express their thoughts in human language but through behaviors, eye contact, or sounds. It will take time to learn to understand your pets.

Besides, you also need to pay for their bills, including regular vet check-ups, pet food, toys, and other related expenses. A pet is not something to throw away when you no longer need it. Abandoning animals is abusive, cruel, and illegal. So, who says owning a pet isn’t as hard as raising a child?

The brother getting a ‘dog dad’ didn’t hurt anyone, so why was OP annoyed at him? Was he was jealous to see his brother having no troubles raising his dog while he was struggling with his child?

Think harder the next time before deciding to have another baby!

See their reactions here.