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Disney Fans Wish These Celebrities To Play Disney Sidekicks

Of course, Disney movies cannot be the same without sidekick roles. They are not leading characters but still contribute a lot to the success of the movies. Hence, today, we list out our picks for the Top Celebrities We Wish Would Take On Disney Sidekicks.

Below, we compile stars who have the right stuff to play a henchman in a Disney film – either to the hero or villain. Having similar qualities, these actors and actresses will excellently assume those characters!

So, let’s scroll down to check this post out! Are you curious to know which celebrities get nominated to play your favorite roles from the House of Mouse?

#1 Dwayne Johnson as Kronk (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Source: PeopleThe Walt Disney Studios

Johnson has the physique, especially the coyly cocked eyebrow, to fit the role. He is the perfect actor to bring this lovable henchman to life!

#2 Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin & Dolly Parton as the Good Fairies (Sleeping Beauty)

Source: PeopleThe Walt Disney Studios

Jane Fonda is aggressive yet balanced, so she is suitable for the role of Flora. And Lily Tomlin’s earthy qualities make her a good fit for the more introspective Fauna. Finally, this magical trio is classy but has a big personality Dolly Parton playing Merryweather!

#3 Ali Wong as Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)

Source: PeopleThe Walt Disney Studios

Tinker Bell is synonymous with the magic of Disney with a sassy personality many times larger than her diminutive size would suggest. Who is the right match for that description except for Ali Wong?

#4 Patrick Stewart, Adam Sandler & Maggie Smith as the Gargoyles (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Source: IMDbThe Walt Disney Studios

Who plays the intelligent, self-assured, apprehensive Victor better than seasoned actor Sir Patrick Stewart? And Adam Sandler has to play Hugo, the brash, crude, but ultimately endearing character. Last but not least, Dame Maggie Smith is a fantastic fit for Laverne, who is wise but feisty.

#5 Simon Pegg as Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)

Source: IMDbThe Walt Disney Studios

Since his past performances run the full spectrum of these personalities, cynical, grumpy, and snarky Archimedes sounds like a perfect fit for Simon Pegg.

#6 Jean Dujardin as Lumière (Beauty and the Beast)

Source: PeopleThe Walt Disney Studios

This acclaimed French actor ismost known to viewers for his Oscar-winning performance in 2011. The artist looks like Lumière in human form.

#7 John Mulaney & Nick Kroll as Pain & Panic (Hercules)

Source: PeopleThe Walt Disney Studios

John Mulaney is a virtuoso of self-deprecating, jittery comedy making him an excellent fit for Panic. About Pain, Kroll has a penchant for portraying this character.

#8 Tituss Burgess as Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

Source: PeopleThe Walt Disney Studios

Tituss Burgess was born to play the role of Sebastian, the Crab! He is a vocalist and a performer who can play a character self-assured and a nervous wreck the next.