25 People Who Deserve A Spot In The Tattoo Hall Of Shame With Their Unimaginably Ridiculous Body Arts

Nowadays, people love to get their bodies inked. It's a trend that seems not to go out of fashion any time soon. But, when people all rush to catch up on that trend, some make it, and some fail. Considering that a tattoo will go along with you till the very end, you should find a prestigious professional to get your tattoos. In case you cannot find one yet, don't risk it. Believe us, the consequence of having your tattoos done by unskilled tattooists will be much worse than you can imagine.
Take a minute to appreciate those nice body arts (if you have any) because in the list below, we are going to present to you some tattoo nightmares. These unfortunate people might choose a shortcut to get their tattoos, and it came with a price. Now, they have pieces of body art that embarrass them for the rest of their life. Remember Ariana Grande and her "7 Rings" tattoo fail? Let's scroll down and check these out. Here are some equally embarrassing tattoos that should earn the owners a spot in the Tattoo Hall of Shame.

#1 Even the tattoo's balding. Living humans have no hope

Source: Ashleigh Bill

#2 Crystals or a pile of wood? You pick

Source: Angel Burgemeir

#3 Count those fingers again, then cue in the facepalm

Source: Jesse Blankenship

#4 I didn't know Jesus played basketball. That's a first

Source: Erika Payne

#5 Uh. Wonder what was going through this person's mind when they got that

Source: Heather Achterberg

#6 What's the deal with eyes bursting on their own?

Source: Reyna Givhan

#7 You don't really need fake eyebrows when you have real ones

Source: Stacey Webb

#8 The little girl looks like a tube of toothpaste someone just squeezed out

Source: Naomi Searson

#9 Can someone tell me what this is?

Source: Sarah Thompson

#10 That looks like Slenderman. Please never remove your shirt ever again

Source: Jessica Marie

#11 This is what you get when you cross budget Hugh Jackman with less horrific Momo

Source: Sunshine Tibbs

#12 They better keep these photos on them to prove they're not summoning the dark

Source: Patrick Harrington

#13 Maui from Moana? ROFL

Source: Reyna Givhan

#14 Dude, this is messed up, I'm sorry

Source: Jessica Snow

#15 What in the Freddie Mercury

Source: Stewart Anderson

#16 Eh. Nope, not today

Source: Tiffany Hill

#17 I'm sure this was the result of a bet

Source: Reyna Givhan

#18 That's a weird memorial, dude. Now no one can rest in peace

Source: Shannon Ouray Robles

#19 Raven or Crow? Wonder what this is supposed to be

Source: Carro Hagen

#20 Super creepy

Source: Therese Enberg Thomes

#21 Okay, this isn't too bad, but even so, why?

Source: Kailee Orr

#22 This is a memorial... where a sea monster is kissing the baby on the neck. Dark

Source: Amiah Michele Weitzel

#23 Boy, the lips are wrong, and so is the body. I'm sorry

Source: Lexi Rolle

#24 I looked at this for 5 whole minutes, waiting for who I think is Tupac to open his eyes

Source: Jenna Arr

#25 Oyster? It looks more like a dangerous skin condition

Source: Macey Shayn

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