19 Stunning Actors Who Dedicated To Concealing Their Beauty Behind Villains' Frightening Disguise

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought the Avengers Universe's outstanding superheroes to a wider audience. The MCU's villains, on the other hand, haven't always been properly served by the films. To some extent, this makes sense—after all, the films are about the heroes—but every superhero needs a worthy opponent, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has many of them.
Some of the villains are truly great, thanks in large part to the performers that portray them. The actors not only represent the characters with finesse, but they also elevate the entire film with their talents. We have little idea that those outstanding actors and actresses who are exceptionally gorgeous in real life have dedicated themselves to hiding their identities behind the villain's evil and hideous faces. Let's have a look at the 19 performers that nailed their parts!

#1 Crossbones — Frank Grillo

#2 The Abomination — Tim Roth

#3 Doctor Doom — Julian McMahon, Toby Kebbell

#4 Kaecilius — Mads Mikkelsen

#5 Dormammu — Benedict Cumberbatch

#6 Algrim the Strong — Adewale Akinnuoye - Agbaje

#7 Malekith the Accursed — Christopher Eccleston

#8 Ebony Maw — Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

#9 Korath — Djimon Hounsou

#10 Proxima Midnight — Carrie Coon

#11 Grandmaster — Jeff Goldblum

#12 Hela — Cate Blanchett

#13 Erik Killmonger — Michael B. Jordan

#14 Mystique — Rebecca Romijn

#15 Iron Monger — Jeff Bridges

#16 Ghost — Hannah John - Kamen

#17 Juggernaut — Ryan Reynolds

#18 Mysterio — Jake Gyllenhaal

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