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Top 10 Most Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe

The key selling point of the Star Wars franchise is the impression of absolute escapism provided by the films. Viewers can be sent to a galaxy far, far away from all of their real-world troubles for 2 hours. Since its debut in 1977, George Lucas and his successors have introduced audiences to a plethora of bizarre new worlds inside that universe.

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe
Not every world in Star Wars is interesting – Jakku is a clone of Tatooine, and the vast plains of Naboo are sometimes likened to the Windows XP background – but there are a lot of stunning planets as well. Many of them are home to billion citizens, epic historical events as well as stunning and bizarre ecosystems. Let’s check out the top 10 most amazing planets that we have ever seen in the Star Wars chronicle.

#1 Tatooine

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Tatooine

Tatooine, the sandy desert planet where Luke Skywalker was nurtured by his aunt and uncle, is without a doubt the most famous location in the Star Wars universe. Lucas presents viewers to a slew of intriguing Tatooine lore in the first act of 1977’s Star Wars: the deserts are tormented by Jawas and Tusken Raiders, and there’s a massive krayt dragon skeleton near C-3PO on the Dune Sea.
Because of Tatooine’s major place in viewers’ hearts, future Star Wars material has considerably expanded its worldbuilding. The Hutts’ nefarious empire was created in Return of the Jedi, podracing was introduced in The Phantom Menace, and The Mandalorian has placed a couple of episodes in hitherto undiscovered parts of Tatooine.

#2 Coruscant

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Coruscant

Influenced by Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner’s slick, neon-drenched “tech-noir” aesthetic, Lucas created the city-planet Coruscant as the Republic’s capital for the prequel trilogy. The planet resembles Scott’s image of a futuristic Los Angeles in every way.
While the prequel films got different reactions from reviewers, no one could disagree about the breathtaking landscapes created by Lucas’ breakthrough CGI effects.

#3 Hoth

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Hoth

The first act of The Empire Strikes Back takes place at a Rebel outpost on the planet, Hoth. Anyone who deviates too far from the base, even Luke Skywalker, finds themselves in trouble. If the severe winter cold doesn’t take them out, one of the planet’s creatures will. It was a wampa in Luke’s instance.
With each Star Wars picture, Lucas set out to introduce moviegoers to entirely new planets. After introducing viewers to a desert world, a forest planet, and a planet-sized space station in 1977 original, Empire began its adventure on the icy snowbound landscapes of Hoth.

#4 Mandalore

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Mandalore

Few planets in the Star Wars universe have as rich and intriguing a background as Mandalore. Mandalore, once a rich world, has long been destroyed by conflict. Because Duchess Satine Kryze was sick of her homeworld’s violent history, the world remained neutral during the Clone Wars.
Din Djarin may have unwittingly claimed the throne of Mandalore in the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian by winning the Darksaber from Moff Gideon in combat. As a result, this planet appears to play a significant part in the future of Star Wars.

#5 Kashyyyk

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Kashyyyk

In Revenge of the Sith, a significantly younger Chewbacca made an unexpected entrance when Yoda came to the Wookiees’ home planet of Kashyyyk to assist them in repelling a droid onslaught. The only thing better than a Chewbacca fight scene is a Chewbacca action sequence with dozens of Chewbaccas.
The Wookiees dwell in a complex network of treehouses and are shown as a close-knit society united against a mutual threat.

#6 Bespin

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Bespin

In The Empire Strikes Back, Han resolves to contact his old buddy Lando Calrissian, who has since become a top supervisor at Bespin’s Cloud City gas mining complex.
The notion of a city in the clouds is surreal enough on its own, but Empire’s production design team brought it to life magnificently with a space-age steampunk visual style.

#7 Mustafar

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Mustafar

When Obi-Wan travels to Coruscant to discover the Jedi Order shattered and Anakin fully transformed to the dark side, he makes one last desperate attempt to rescue the galaxy by meeting Anakin on Mustafar for a fight across the lava rivers.
The molten, volcanic landscapes of Mustafar are a wonderful match for Obi-climactic Wan’s confrontation with his fallen student. Vader eventually settles in vacant land and spends his days sulking in a lava-filled fortress.

#8 Jedha

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Jedha

Jedha, featured in Rogue One, is used to depict a planet without Jedi. A Jedi Knight statue has been fallen in the desert and is slowly being lost under the dunes. For Force believers, the world is a sacred place.
For the Jedi, Jedha, like Jerusalem or Mecca, is a place of religious enlightenment (its name even sounds like Jeddah, the main gateway to Mecca). The city ravaged by the Empire for kyber crystals is a sacred place, making the entire operation even more horrible.

#9 Dagobah

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Dagobah

The spirit of Ben Kenobi appears to Luke Skywalker towards the opening of The Empire Strikes Back, urging him to travel to the Dagobah sector and continue his Jedi training under the supervision of Yoda.
Dagobah has a lot to offer: deep fog, scary crawlies, huge bats, and Force-inducing tunnels. When Luke arrives, he finds himself in a dismal swamp world, where a bothersome little gremlin – who turns out to be the famed Jedi he seeks – pokes around in his bags and snatches his meal.

#10 Kamino

Stunning Planets Exist In Star Wars Universe, Kamino

When Obi-Wan examines the bounty hunter who is attempting to murder him, he discovers a planet absent from the Jedi Archives. He ventures out there discovers a planet populated with long-necked cloners where it never stops raining and learns that the Republic is building a million-strong army of clone soldiers.
Lucas chose not to pursue Kamino’s secrets in Episode III in order to keep the tale focused on Anakin’s demise, but The Mandalorian’s cloning themes might be leading up to Kamino’s reappearance.