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Owner Accuses Trainer Of Being Cruel To Her Dog While Training It, And The Whole Reddit Support Her

A good owner always finds a way to protect his/her pets, not to mention letting other people abuse them. An owner has recently asked for help from netizens after a trainer behaved improperly with her dog.

To be more specific, the OP (original poster) explained that the trainer sprayed on her dog’s eyes for barking with a bottle and dangling it with the dog’s back legs on the floor while trying to calm it down. She thinks that it is cruel and harmful to her dog. More importantly, the trainer is using violence to train her dog, which can impact its behaviors and mental health in a long run.


Since it was shared on Reddit, the post has attracted a lot of attention with 88% of upvotes and hundreds of comments. The vast majority of Redditors disapproves of the trainer’s behaviors toward the dog.

They strongly believe this is animal abuse and suggest a punishment for the trainer. The OP is advised to take her dog from the trainer, cancel upcoming exercises, and report him. Also, netizens say that this training method is ineffective because it does no good for the dog but makes it hurt and fearful.

According to Pet Place, ¬†mace or pepper spray can result in dogs’ reddened inflamed skin and constant crying. If their eyes are exposed to spray, the common symptoms include squinting, crying, eyesores, and even permanent infections. As the effects of mace or pepper spray are temporary, treatment consists of removing the spray using flush water, and no additional vet care is needed. Dangling a dog off the ground while it’s on a leash, however, can cause back issues, and it is animal abuse. In some cases, your dogs can get choked by the leash while they’re trying to stay balanced on two legs.

No one has a chance to do such cruel things to other people’s dogs, for any reason. People advised the OP to find another trainer for her dog, and make sure the new trainer is educated on how to treat her dog well.

More and more people rally behind OP.  See their reactions below.

Please read the full discussion here. What would you do if you were in this situation? Don’t forget to share with us in the comment.