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Revenge Story: Woman Poured An Entire Bowl Of Water On Kid In Revenge After He Poured A Cup Of Water On Her Cat

People often tend to be more active when they go online. They are free to give their opinion, discuss and debate over a controversial topic or a story they handle in everyday life. They can also share their experience of a problem and join together to find a solution to it.

This is a debate that has gone viral recently, but it seems very hard to come to the final decision because everyone involved is both right and wrong.

#1. The revenge story 

A woman has shared on Twitter the way she defended her cat’s honor by pouring water on a 10-year-old neighbor kid as he bullied her cat with a cup of water. Apparently, the kid’s parent was unhappy with the revenge and decided to put up a fight. Despite the fact that their son was the first one to be wrong, they blamed the woman for being mean to a kid and acting childish. Meanwhile, the woman was strict in her opinion that she was just concerned for her beloved cat.

Source: shannoncooperox

Source: shannoncooperox

Source: shannoncooperox

The story soon became the center of the Internet when it was posted, gaining 563k likes and 70.2k retweets. For those who wonder about the cat, this is one of its pictures.

Source: shannoncooperox


#2. Controversial reactions

The post and the way the cat owner reacted provoked a lot of controversies, and Netizens divided themselves to react.

A large group of people took the side of OP (the original poster) and her cat, claiming that the kid wasn’t brought up well and deserved a lesson. At 10, he should be aware that bullying a cat is not the right thing to do. Some people said that they would do the same with their kids if that situation happened.

However, the other group blamed the woman for her childish behaviors toward a 10-year-old kid. He just poured a cup of water on her cat, and in return, she retaliated against him with a bowl of water. In addition, they agreed that the OP didn’t have a right to give a lesson to other people’s children.

As the revenge story went viral, OP shared that she received aggressive messages as well as inappropriate photos.  Despite how bad she behaved with the kid, she thought that such reactions were unacceptable, and wrote: “Wtf is wrong with people I don’t wanna see that [crap].” What do you think about this situation? Please share with us in the comment.

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