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Lucky People Who Unexpectedly Find Out The Answers To Many “What If” Questions

When I was a child, I did a lot of experiments with the kids in my neighborhood. You know, curiosity will tell you to do all sorts of weird things. I tried making a dish out of grass and leaves, keeping veggies in a bucket of water during winter to see if they rot, and many more. Admittedly, some of these “experiments” are so silly, but it was fun. By doing so, I have learned so many new things that didn’t exist in the textbooks.

As we grow up, we don’t have so much time to spend on such experiments. But the excitement when we find out something interesting is as real as ever. People in the list below are sharing the wonderful moments when they found out the answer to many “what if” questions. If a snail breaks its shell, what will happen? Will it survive? Or what if unicorns are real? What will they look like? Keep reading to see what they found below!

#1 If you shine a laser through a Canadian banknote’s maple leaf, you will see the note’s denomination appear on the wall

Source: cjfullinfaw07

#2 This is what happens if you leave mushroom spores unattended for a long time

Source: pumpkinbread*****

#3 How electric travels through wood

Source: Bronze_Goblin

#4 Static from using a lint roller on my fuzzy blanket

Source: 26Denice

#5 This is how a hammer breaks down through the years

Source: direct-evil

#6 I found a unicorn at the zoo

Source: coffeeandasunset

#7 The way this palm tree grew under my awning

Source: florida-castaways

#8 The last egg of a hen

Source: Aires_Rogue

#9 My planter froze overnight and broke into symmetrical rings

Source: Grundle__Puncher

#10 What if a snail breaks its shell?

Source: TheSerevet

#11 The pattern of bite marks on my dog’s frisbee after thousands of fetches

Source: yoshiplace

#12 A plastic water bottle got pressed into this sheet of wood

Source: rubberbootsandwetsox

#13 When you soak a wooden spoon for too long

Source: balkiry

#14 What if you drop your earbud at the beach? It’ll pull some iron out of the sand

Source: GromainRosjean

#15 30 minutes of exposure to −4°F weather with no wind

Source: CodeNameQueso

#16 If you brew your green tea with hot spring water, it’ll turn purple

Source: KingZero010