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Parents Reveal Little Lies They Tell Their Kids That Work Just Fine Like Parenting Hacks

Maybe you’re not yet a parent but as a son/daughter of your parents, do you think that your parents lie to you about so many things? Okay, we all understand that parenting is nothing easy, and parents don’t always know how to deal with their kids’ constant curiosity. Sometimes, a little lie can work pretty well as a substitute for the actual answer. Or in other cases, parents intentionally lie to their kids to make them behave. And you know, it’s effective!

When you become a parent, you’ll understand which lie is wrong to say and which is sort of okay to tell your kids. Here in the list below, parents are sharing some little lies they told their children that they consider parenting hacks. Some are cute to say, indeed, while others are pretty brilliant. You can try applying some of these lies to your kids; maybe they’ll work. So, keep reading to see these “parenting hacks” in the list below!


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