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20+ Pics That Prove Siblings Are Pure Evils Living With You Under The Same Roof

If you have at least one sibling, lucky you. You are among the 80% of US citizens who have the chance to experience all the fun growing up with siblings. Actually, we spend much more time of our childhood with siblings than we do with our parents. Siblings are like our best friends. We share everything with them, play with them., and of course, prank them. Yeah, your besties can suddenly turn dark and pull the biggest prank on you. Be careful!

Growing up without pranking and crying and fighting is definitely not the life of siblings. We are constantly at war, the tug of war, with them. And because your enemy lives under the same roof as you, they can strike at any time. Let’s take a look at the pictures below. They are siblings, yes! But turn round a second, and they become pure evils. Don’t believe that? Scroll down to see the funny chaotic life of siblings in the list below!

#1 This is what happens when the college siblings are bored at home while the high school freshman is still in school

Source: older_brother_and_si

#2 My sister wanted a blanket for Christmas. My brother and I delivered

Source: jayeatsnachos

#3 After my heart surgery, I jokingly said to my little sister that I could use an Apple Watch, because of its heart rate monitor. She delivered

Source: TorbenBusk

#4 My brother picked me up at the airport

Source: spudmasher

#5 I’m single, and my birthday is on Valentine’s day. This is what my brother got me while I sat at home all day with my cat

Source: AndewJ2802

#6 This is what my brother gave me

Source: Rollynlow

#7 About to volunteer my sister for the ice bucket challenge

Source: andyoung29

#8 30+ years of research shows, if you give a kid a Nintendo, he will give his little sister an unplugged controller

Source: GallowBoob

#9 My brother is a special breed of jerk

Source: vanhalen500

#10 My brother is an a**hole!

Source: teglica2

#11 I asked my brother if he could make me food, his response was this; a bowl of “Struggle Puffs”

Source: Killdreth

#12 My nephew taped his little brother to my niece’s skateboard…

Source: BatmanIsntHere

#13 My fiancĂ© and I wrapped all of the contents of his sister’s fridge

Source: captain_flasch

#14 Mom: “your sister is sleeping in your room tonight” Me:

Source: clarizzle_

#15 My brother is ridiculous

Source: Snuffaluffacopter

#16 Birthday card from my brother. Feeling loved

Source: Alasdair542

#17 Fresh baked pie my brother brought me

Source: xQcKx

#18 My brother was supposed to give me a ride home

Source: mariothe81

#19 I got tired of telling my brother and his friends over and over… so I made a sign

Source: LordNoobles

#20 My sister got me this as a housewarming present. She gets me

Source: ohmyschmax

#21 Look what my brother did to my room while I was away

Source: octomomsvagina

#22 Asked my sister to surprise me with a birthday cake

Source: tonyshades

#23 My sister hates it when I shave and leave hair in the sink

Source: blabberbrain

#24 My brother said he wanted “Beats” for his birthday. How did I do?

Source: will_evans10199

#25 My brother changed our names on his Netflix account…

Source: Godoffail

#26 My sister’s troll birthday gift

Source: ockweiler

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