Owners Choosing Their Pets Over Their Partners Say That It's Their Best Decision Ever

Pets are adorable creatures that can win our hearts at first sight. If you are a pet lover, you won't need a reason to fall in love with these furry friends. Having a pet sounds like an amazing experience, and it is also something you and your partner are happy to share together.
Well, we don't mean that it's a "red flag" to date someone who doesn't like having pets. But we have been witnessing many situations in which couples break up because of some conflicts related to their pets.
r/AskReddit is an online community where people mention an issue and let Redditors freely raise their voice, share their opinions, and give some helpful advice. Reddit user sugar-road has recently asked people how they reacted when required to choose between their pets and their partners. In response, thousands of Netizens have shared their stories.

Source: sugar-soad

About eighty percent of approximately 7,000 comments said that people tended to rally behind their pets rather than their partners. The reasons vary in different stories, but there's one thing we can see from these thousands of comments - people who didn't give up their furry companions are happy with their choice although they knew they'd lose their boy/girlfriends.
Here are 20 good owners who choose their pets over their partners. Take a look!

#1 Brave girl!

Source: clarkyto

#2 Love it!

Source: hoomphree

#3 You're such a good pet parent

Source: queerqunari

#4 "It was a total win for both the cat and myself."

Source: Fancy_Cassowary

#5 Great!

Source: Aurora_Jones

#6  Tell your friend he did it right!

Source: Manfroo1

#7 That's amazing

Source: buffalosansbuffalo


Source: wumbology34

#9 Sorry to hear that.

Source: 40ozSmasher

#10 Everyone, shout out for the boy!

Source: ampetrakis

#11 Poor your dog.

Source: Reddit

#12 That's cool!

Source: honkdogs

#13 Your dog will follow you forever.

Source: YaDrunkBitch

#14 Brravo

Source: catswhocant

#15 Good choice!

Source: Lo452

#16 That's sweet!

Source: monsterscallinghome

#17 I'm happy to hear that

Source: SoIdidsomething

#18 Haha

Source: MsPinkieB

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