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30 Hilarious Disney Memes That Can Save Your Day And Cheer You Up!

It’s true that memes are taking over the Internet. Everyone gets fun with memes and has created memes covering different topics, from normal expressions to a beloved cartoon character. And of course, Disney fans have also joined the game.

The princesses, the princes, the animals, even the villains, and the monsters, are all the targets of memes. Blended with the captions, these memes have made Disney movies and shows more entertaining and enjoyable than ever before.

If you’re feeling down right now, we hope that these 30 hilarious Disney memes below can cheer you up!

#1 The princess ensemble

#2 Oof- sad truth for Elsa

#3 No need to scare of the lion king anymore, my son

#4 The unexpected friendship between Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz

#5 Oh well, maybe next year

#6 Girls supremacy

#7 This requires practice, guys

#8 As long as we are Disney lovers, we are friends

#9 A surprising bond between these two characters

#10 The true gems that deserve a live-action version

#11 Let us give you some wholesome vibe

#12 Never be afraid of being different

#13 Nice plan, Obi-wan

#14 When we all become parents and give our children a history lesson

#15 And the worst part is that we have to explain the meme to mom