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These 28 Disney and Star Wars Memes Will Get You Laugh Out Loud!

Who doesn’t love Disney and Star Wars? They are the two most iconic TV shows that the majority of 2000s kids watched and adored. They were a huge part of everyone’s childhood.

With the love for these two TV shows, Disney and Star Wars lovers started to make hilarious memes featuring the characters and the scenes of the shows. Memes are supposed to crack people up, and these Disney and Star Wars memes do exactly the same!

Are you having a bad day? Well, let these Disney and Star Wars memes do the magic. Check out below for 28 humorous memes featuring Disney and Star Wars.

#1 The joke doesn’t work on him

#2 The accurate representation of myself in Disney

#3 Waiting endlessly

#4 Gotta protect Mickey Mouse from the virus

#5 Can anyone explain this?

#6 I’m happy because you’re happy

#7 Every student near the end of the semester:

#8 Disney movie has never been this relatable

#9 Every girl can be a princess, regardless of their skin color

#10 Leave the work to me

#11 Sobbing hard

#12 This meme is for the boys out there hanging out with their crushes

#13 Sorry, I can’t

#14 Ha! Got you!

#15 Yup, no one.

#16 Nah, Mickey Mouse is waiting for me there

#17 Haha sike!

#18 All hope is lost

#19 101 dogs are never too much

#20 Nice name

#21 Nobody knows except the script writer

#22 The best description of quarantine

#23 For one second, I can’t even recognize myself

#24 Don’t you dare

#25 Did I marry a wrong man?

#26 It has to be it

#27 The chicken stole the spotlight

#28 Try to get rid of it


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