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Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” Casting Has Officially Begun

After the announcement of Fantastic Four in December 2020 during Disney Investor Day, there has been not much information about the development of the film. However, it seems that something has actually started to move. According to a new rumor that has emerged in the last few hours, Marvel Studios (to which the rights to exploit the characters have finally returned after years in the hands of 20th Century Fox) has just started casting for the actors of the movie.

Image source: Marvel Studios

This exciting news comes from the Twitter account of MyTimeToShineHello, a famous insider whose rumors have often proved to be super reliable. You can read that tweet below:

At the moment it has been confirmed that Jon Watts will be the designated director of Fantastic Four, while we do not yet know anything about the development of the script and the names that are involved in the writing. Despite this prolonged silence about the film’s status, the start of the casting clearly indicates that its pre-production is proceeding apace. According to rumors of recent months, the actual production of this movie should begin sometime in early 2023.

Under the leadership of 20th Century Fox, the Fantastic Four enjoyed three big-screen adaptations. Fantastic Four and its sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver, both directed by Tim Story, landed in theaters respectively in 2005 and 2007.

Image source: 20th Century Fox

In 2015, Fantastic Four (styled as FANT4STIC) directed by Josh Trank was universally considered one of the ugliest movies in the history of cinema.

Image source: 20th Century Fox

However, now that Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox, the rights to these characters are back in the hands of Marvel Studios and of course, Marvel will soon introduce them to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Image source: Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four will be directed by Jon Watts – the talented director behind three Spider-Man films developed by Marvel Studios that have just taken the world by storm lately. The project is still in the early stages and has not had an official release date yet.


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