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10 Most Emotional Moments In Hawkeye That Definitely Took Fans Tears

The Hawkeye online show finished on a pleasant tone, with many cheerful reunions. However, the plot had full of tragic and heartbreaking scenes, making some of the episodes difficult to watch. The sacrifice of Black Widow hangs over the whole series, as does Clint Barton’s guilt, not just for her death, but also for the many lives he killed as the extremist Ronin.

Many other characters in the show had sorrowful instances as well. Kate Bishop’s life begins with both sadness and optimism. Echo learns a terrible secret about her history. And Yelena Belova discovers that her sister’s death was not what she expected. Many scenes in the show were emotionally charged, but the series ultimately brought the characters together in peace and harmony.

#1 Kate Bishop Sees Hawkeye

When the Chitauri assault New York City in 2012, the story begins with catastrophe. Kate Bishop’s father is killed in the crossfire. This terrible sight is made the more devastating by the amount of optimism and promises it offers. This is the first time Kate Bishop meets Hawkeye, who is battling against extraterrestrial attackers with a bow and arrow.
Veterans of comic books will recall that Kate Bishop entered the Young Avengers primarily on her own initiative, but the MCU skillfully used her past and link to Clint Barton to make one of the saddest and yet most inspiring scenes in the whole Hawkeye story.

#2 Yelena Is Snapped

One of the show’s most surprising scenes is also one of its most solemn. In episode 5, a backstory transports viewers to 2018, when Yelena is freeing Black Widows. She gets snapped while taking a minute to herself in the home of one such Widow, and when she returns, her immediate concern is for her sister, Natasha.She
She is unaware that Natasha has sacrificed her life on Vormir in order to retrieve the Soul Stone in Avengers: Endgame. It’s a heartbreaking moment for Yelena, made worse by what viewers know but she doesn’t. It’s exacerbated by her final belief that Clint murdered Natasha.

#3 Agent 19

Throughout the show, there were a lot of not-so-subtle hints that Laura Barton was, in fact, Mockingbird. Mockingbird is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Hawkeye’s ex-wife in Marvel Comics. The final episode concluded with a somber scene for comic book fans of both heroes, when it was revealed that Laura is, in fact, Agent 19, Mockingbird.
The back of the Rolex watch that was the source of much intrigue in the series is engraved with the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem and the number 19, a connection to Agent 19 and Laura’s previously undiscovered background as Mockingbird in the MCU.

#4 The Return Of Kingpin

When Kingpin reappeared at the end of episode 5, many may have shed happy tears. Many viewers of the Marvel Netflix series have long wished for those characters to feature in the MCU, and they eventually got their way with Vincent D’Onofrio reprising his role as Hawkeye’s main antagonist. His presence signaled the reintroduction of many other figures, including another important Netflix character in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
The entrance of Kingpin in the MCU has been hinted at several foreshadowing signs, so it may not have come as a great surprise when viewers saw him in a blurry snapshot at the end of episode five. But it was a beautiful moment nonetheless, and it foreshadowed many more to come.

#5 Passing The Arrow

In episode 5, one of the most poignant scenes unfolds. Clint and Kate reconcile after she assists him with Echo and the Tracksuit Mafia after he pushes Kate Bishop away and tells her they aren’t partners. He then offers one of his arrows to her, a quiet acknowledgment of their collaboration as well as a metaphorical handing of the torch.
Hawkeye has become a mentor to Kate and one of her most ardent supporters in the comics. He urges her to use the Hawkeye identity, which he does at the end of the show, and this is the MCU’s next significant step in the right direction.

#6 Hawkeye Speaks To Natasha

Clint visits the memorial plaque at Grand Central Station remembering the Avengers’ heroic deeds in the Battle of New York, which is one of the most poignant sequences in the whole show. When he speaks directly to Natasha, his deceased partner, it becomes one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series.
He expresses gratitude to her for what she handed him in the sense of his sacrifice and expresses that he is always attempting to repay it. This is an extremely sad scene, but it is important in comprehending Natasha and Clint’s profound friendship, which was like family to both of them.

#7 Echo Loses Her Father

The series’ third episode opens with a lengthy reminiscence of Echo’s adolescence. Fans quickly come to know and sympathize with Echo while witnessing the horror of her father’s death at the hands of Ronin. It’s a bleak and terrifying moment for Maya Lopez, who is obsessed with vengeance.
Echo’s father was killed by the Kingpin, therefore the conclusion in the last episode came as little surprise to comic book readers. Despite his brief television appearance, her father’s death was one of the show’s darkest moments.

#8 Yelena Learns The Truth

Yelena Belova joins the show wanting justice for her sister’s death. Because of disinformation provided by The Contessa at the end of Black Widow, she feels Clint Barton is responsible. Hawkeye’s climax gives a poignant moment when she discovers she’s been deceived.
Clint expresses with her by whistling in the same manner that Natasha did with Yelena, convincing Yelena that Natasha and Clint must be as connected as he claims. He is then able to talk with her, and Yelena realizes her sister died to rescue the universe.

#9 Christmas Party

The spontaneous Xmas party Kate and Clint throw at her aunt’s flat made people crack up. They get wasted on ice daiquiris before spending time together. This contains a funny debate about the logic of boomerang bolts, which can be found in Hawkeye’s finest comic book weaponry arsenal.
Clint tries to teach Kate how to turn a coin into a lethal weapon as they drink ever more daiquiris in a hilarious series that proves how great these two main characters are together.

#10 The Best Shot Hawkeye Didn’t Take

The party scene concludes with what is maybe the most bittersweet moment in the entire series. Clint Barton is not known for being forthright about his feelings, but he tells Kate about ‘the best shot he ever took.’ Natasha Romanoff was someone he didn’t take.
He was dispatched by S.H.I.E.L.D. to assassinate Natasha, but something about her made him realize she was a living human. It altered his destiny, and although it’s a source of immense pride for him, it’s also a cause of terrible regret for what happened to Natasha on Vormir.


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