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Heartwarming Video In Which Water Buffalo Helps Stuck Tortoise By Flipping Its Back

It’s no easy feat being a tortoise. But it will become easier if you have your friends. These water buffalo and tortoise are good companions of each other, too.

In a short Tiktok video that lasts for 16 seconds, a group of visitors captures a moment the buffalo gently rescues its friend, a tortoise, who is staying stuck on its back.

Source: manaskamran

Noticing the reptile is in trouble, the beast quickly takes a downward-dog pose, skillfully places one of its horns under the friend, and flips the tortoise right sight up. The group breaks into cheers and excitement, saying “You got it, dude, you got it! — which the buffalo takes pride in.

Immediately, the kind-hearted creature makes some eye contact with the tortoise that seemed thankful for being set back on its feet. It is a nice day for the buffalo, the tortoise, and all the on-lookers around. The adorable footage that shows their unlikely beautiful friendship has amassed millions of views. Enjoy it here:

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