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Laugh Out Loud With These Funny Tweets That Scream Dad Energy

The moment a man becomes a dad is probably the most memorable in his life. Right, nothing changes a man’s life like becoming a father. And maybe a bit soon, but some probably start planning how they’ll raise their not-yet-to-be-born kids. Anyway, who wouldn’t feel like that? The excitement of having a child is the best feeling in the world. Some can even cry over that news. For the ones who don’t, they’re just trying to keep it cool.

Well, being entrusted with responsibility is never an easy task. From then on, you’ll need to learn to be a role model, a bodyguard, a friend, a teacher, and everything, to your child. But don’t worry. All the efforts you put into raising your kids will sooner or later pay you off. There’s a project called The Dad, and it’s dedicated to illuminating this wonderful journey. The Dad is not a person; it’s a lifestyle. Check out the list below and have some good laughs with our funny and relatable dad tweets.


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