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Zooming Upon The Moon, Russian Man Detected The Mysterious “UFO Fleet” Flying?

Dozens of strange black objects moving near the moon fueled many conspiracy theories about aliens.

Source: YouTube

According to the Daily Star, the strange scene was observed by Fotohota, who lives in Russia, when he launched a close-up of the moon from ground, in Moscow.

In the video, the moon appears yellow. As the cameraman zooms in, a series of black objects appear and move slowly around the moon.

The video was uploaded to Youtube by Fotohota. The man living in Moscow said he could not believe what he witnessed.

“They are not near the moon because there is no shadow. They are between the Earth and the moon, but not far from the moon. Their sizes are not small,” Fotohota wrote.

Source: YouTube

Many popular conspiracy theorist websites have shared Fotohota’s videos. The Hidden Underbelly site claims that these objects are “a fleet of UFOs”.

Many netizens also expressed their opinions about the strange video. “Definitely the best evidence of the year,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Curious to see how they will debunk this video. Awesome footage buddy.”

Some people thought that these are just satellites operating.

H/T: New tab (dailystar.co.uk)

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