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15 Times People Have Gone Too Far With Their Pranks

Life is tough. It forces us to face problems constantly. It’s true that we’re tired sometimes, and need to recharge your battery. If you can’t still find where to access those energy sources, we’re glad to give you some suggestions. Our work is to bring all hilarious things in the world onto your screen. And, above and on the top of thousands of funny things are pranks. Who doesn’t collapse into giggles with pranks?

We can say that pranks make everyday life much easily and excitingly. Pranks, if they’re done right, can boost your mood in just a few seconds then fill you with funny and happy vibes. These people made an excellent job of playing pranks on others. Let’s take a look and let us know which makes you laugh so hard.

#1 Friend’s husband played a prank on her.

Source: lil_gingerale4

#2 This scared me to death

Source: shadknight20

#3 Have fun buddy

Source: PaulDeGraaf

#4 Oh com’on

Source: bdt01

#5 Must be stuck in Russian mode. Ask more angrily

Source: EzioAuditore74

#6 This is a drone for my dad in the shape of a ten-gallon hat

Source: thugnificent856

#7 Nice wrapping idea

Source: Battelalon

#8 Whenever it’s her time to cook

Source: deadmongoose

#9 “My parents drove almost an hour out of their way to prank me after I pranked their cars over thanksgiving weekend. I’m open to any ideas on how to get them back.”

Source: manda44720

#10 Friends decided to pull a prank on me while I was in class. Thought I’d share the suffering

Source: jerge801

#11 Perfect assistant

Source: Clinkenbeard

#12 You’ll be so proud of me, right my mate?

Source: juliejasinski

#13 Jelly drawer? Too old for this

Source: Invaliedusername

#14 Turn my friend’s car into a porcupine

Source: djmunny

#15 Outstanding move

Source: jhizzzzzz


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