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New Owner Gets Rid Of Vacation Policy, Crucial Employee Quits, Debilitating The Company

As an employee, I can say that every one of us always wants to have a stable job, which we can work for a long time, even until we retire. If we find such a job, we’ll not leave any time soon. Of course, it’s when no unacceptable changes happen. However, it’s hard to say for sure that your job will stay the same even for five years, let alone several decades.

Still, some employees devoted almost two-third of their life working for a company, but then they left, eventually. In the story below, Jimmy – one of the most important employees – resigned after the new owner took over the company. About the reason, it’s mostly because of the new owner getting rid of the vacation policy, which directly impacts every employee. Thought that even when Jimmy left, they would easily get someone else to replace him, but no. And the new owner only realized they messed up when Jimmy had already left. It was worth it. Some words for that new owner, if you can’t make it better, don’t make it worse. And one more thing, don’t fu*k with people’s vacation time.


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Source: Rusticwhiskey


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